Weigh-In Mayhem! Two Fights Cancelled from UFC Vegas 33

It feels like the UFC Vegas 33 card has been getting beat up left and right, with a slew of fight cancellations.

The weigh-ins earlier today did not help that at all, with two fights scrapped from the card.

Firstly, Nicco Montano weighed in at 143 pounds for her scheduled Bantamweight fight against Wu Yanan, missing weight by a shocking seven pounds. That’s not even to mention that this is a weight class above Flyweight, where Montano claimed the inaugural title.

This fight was called off by the Nevada State Athletic Commission due to weight disparity.

The other cancelled fight is the Bantamweight fight between Ronnie Lawrence and Trevin Jones. Though Jones made weight, Lawrence did not show up to weigh in and was cleared unable to compete due to medical issues.

One other fighter missed weight with Phillip Rowe coming in at 173.5 pounds for his Welterweight fight against Orion Cosce. Rowe has forfeited twenty percent of his purse to Cosce, but the fight will proceed.

The card will go ahead with eleven fights, but it is sorely lacking in terms of name value.

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