McGregor Suffers Leg Injury, Loses Poirier Trilogy

The much anticipated UFC 264 card just finished up, with a historic showcase of top prospects and contenders!

The main event was the grudge match in the trilogy between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, but unfortunately, their fight lasted just one round.

McGregor came forward with his usual fast start, peppering Poirier with leg kicks and straight punches. Poirier found his own success on the feet, stunning McGregor with a power right before landing a takedown. Poirier rode out almost three minutes of top control, nearly stopping “The Notorious” with ground and pound.

The fighters stood back up with just around thirty seconds left in the round, and as both fighters started to open up, McGregor stumbled back, collapsing against the cage. Poirier pounced, unleashing ground sand pound that made the commentary skeptical as to why referee Herb Dean did not stop there bout.

It didn’t matter in the end, as the doctor stopped the fight following a horrific break in McGregor’s left leg, right above the ankle.

In the post-fight interview, Dustin claimed he felt the break happen earlier in the round when he checked one of McGregor’s calf kicks. However, Conor vehemently disagreed, stating that it was just a fluke injury and he was boxing Poirier up prior to the stoppage.

Time will tell what lies in the future for both fighters, but the most likely fight to next emerge should be Poirier challenging the new belt holder.

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