Who Won Mayweather and Paul’s Decision?

A celebrity exhibition boxing match was just contested between the greatest boxer of all time in Floyd Mayweather and internet sensation Logan Paul, brother of Jake.

The two met under a special rules setting, with no judges and no official results read, though knockouts were allowed. There was a set size advantage in place, with Paul coming in six inches taller and nearly fifty pounds heavier than the credentialed Mayweather.

The two faced off in eight straight rounds of action, with neither fighter succeeding in putting the other away before the final horn.

Since the fight went to a decision, there was no score kept and no winner announced, leaving all who purchased the event with a inconclusive feeling.

After the eight rounds of action, it does not take an expert boxer to determine the winner of the contest. Mayweather handled the 0-1 Paul with relative ease given their sizes, giving up just one or MAYBE two rounds.

Paul found success in the second round with a wild flurry, damaging Mayweather though unable to score a finish. Mayweather schooled Paul in the rest of the fight with his typical defense and technique, completely shutting down Paul.

For more celebrity action, Logan’s brother Jake Paul will take on former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in September, so stay tuned to our home page for more incoming news!

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