Did Jake Paul Bite Off More Than He Can Chew?

Jake Paul has mad a lot of people angry over the past year.

He has a brash personality and a trolling approach to just about everything he does.  Over time, Jake made a name for himself being a content creator on YouTube and then later decided to try his hand at boxing.  But it wasn’t until he started picking known athletes to box that he started really garnering some serious attention.  In his first bout he boxed a fellow YouTuber named Ali Eson Gib, who he knocked out in the first round.  No big deal.  

In his second bout however, he boxed a retired NBA player by the name of Nate Robinson.  This is a man who not only had a long professional basketball career but also became the NBA’s first three-time slam dunk champion in 2010.  Nate Robinson was a real athlete.  Unfortunately for him, an experienced boxer he was not.  Jake knocked him out in the second round. 

It was at this point that Jake decided to start trolling real fighters on social media.  He immediately began taunting anyone and everyone he could in order to get attention.  In particular, he began targeting MMA fighters who were not known for their striking skills.  Enter Ben Askren.   

Ben Askren had a very respectable career in combat sports.  Not only did he win many wrestling championships at the collegiate level, but he also became a U.S. Olympic Team Member in 2008.  After his wrestling career was over, he turned his focus to mixed martial arts.  He fought in multiple organizations including One Championship and Bellator in which he went undefeated for over a decade before transferring over to the UFC.   

With all Askren’s combat accolades it’s easy to see why an up-and-coming fighter like Jake Paul would love to boast a win over him.  But the accolades were only a fraction of the reason he was targeted by Jake.  The more enticing reason was that Ben relied heavily on his wrestling during his MMA career and was never known as a striker.  Not only that, but Ben was older now… retired… and had just recently undergone a hip surgery.  A perfect victim in the eyes of Jake Paul.   

The leadup to their bout had the MMA world buzzing.  Fighters and fans alike were fired up about the nerve of this Jake Paul kid.  How could this YouTuber dare to be so disrespectful towards real life fighters who took this craft seriously?  People wanted Ben to go in there and teach him a lesson.  “Do it for the MMA community” they would say.  Unfortunately for them, Jake knocked out Ben Askren in the first round.   

With Jake’s previous fights being discussed we are now brought to the present.  As such, an official announcement was made this week for his fourth career bout where he is set to face Tyron Woodley on August 28th.  Things are about to get a lot more interesting for Jake Paul.  

Tyron Woodley is no joke.  He is a former UFC Welterweight Champion and a future hall of famer.  He doesn’t just have good striking skills; he has dynamite in his hands.  This will be Jake’s first opponent that can actually sting him back.  Tyron has many knockouts on his record and a good amount of those are from a single punch.  The risk level for this bout is undoubtedly higher than it’s ever been for Jake.  So, what are some factors that can play role in the outcome of this bout? 

For one, this fight has been scheduled to take place at 200 pounds and Tyron is not familiar with fighting at that weight.  Sometimes fighting heavier can be tricky since the body is not accustomed to carrying the extra weight.  It can cause a fighter to get tired much more quickly than expected.  Furthermore, Tyron has never fought in a bout that is just strictly boxing.  Jake on the other hand, already has three boxing matches and has been training nothing but boxing for the past few years.  What Jake doesn’t have though, is a long-standing career of combat experience.  This is where Tyron has a vast advantage.  

It will be interesting to see how Jake fares in this matchup.  If he can get yet another win it will finally force his detractors to admit that he has some real skill.  What he may not realize however, is that he just jumped several levels by signing this bout agreement.  Tyron Woodley isn’t just fighting for money.  He’s fighting for pride.  He’s fighting for the MMA community.  He’s fighting for his dear friend Ben Askren who was just knocked out by Jake.  He’s fighting for all of the countless disrespect that’s been shown thus far. 

Tyron isn’t just going to try and win.  He’s going to try and separate Jake from consciousness. 

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