UFC Vegas 30 Results and Play by Play

Yancy Medeiros v. Damir Hadzovic

This fight was a barn burner. Both fighters landed many significant strikes on each other until the very end. First round felt like Yancy was getting the better of the exchanges but then Damir began to come back towards the end of the round. Second round was non-stop back and forth with both hurting each other at different times. Third round was more of the same but in the end, it was Damir Hadzovic by unanimous decision.

Justin Jaynes v. Charles Rosa

This fight had a lot riding on it with Jaynes fearing being cut from the UFC with another loss. Jaynes comes out and launches many extremely heavy shots looking for the knockout, as per usual. The round was back and forth with either guy possibly getting the nod from the judges. Round two had a decent start to it but Jaynes ended up on the ground and was dominated for most of the round, this was a pretty clear cut dominant round for Rosa. Round three Jaynes came out throwing haymakers again but ended up on the ground once more with Rosa on top. Jaynes ends up getting up and landing some heavy shots making it a very exciting round. With 90 seconds left Jaynes lands a takedown and almost submits Rosa with a head and arm choke. However, after a very close fight, Charles Rosa wins by split decision.

Julia Avila v. Julija Stoliarenko

The opening round of this fight was action packed with plenty of heavy shots thrown and landed by each. Round two was more heavy action with both fighters having their moments but Avila possibly getting the better of the striking. Round three Avila ended up getting a takedown and was doing some good work from top position. Stoliarenko ended up reversing the position but shortly after Avila was able to reclaim the top once more. With less than a minute left in the fight Avila gets Stoliarenko locked up tightly in a rear naked choke and forces her to tap. Julia Avila by third round submission.

Marcin Prachnio v. Ike Villanueva

The first round of this fight was all action. Villanueva landed some very heavy shots early and had Prachnio hurt and in trouble. Prachnio hangs in there, recovers and starts landing some heavy shots of his own, with the leg kicks being the most significant. By the end of the round Villanueva was having trouble putting weight on his left leg. Coming out in the second round Prachnio lands a few more leg kicks and has Villanueva solely focused on defending them. Out of nowhere, Prachnio switches to a brutal body kick which catches Villanueva off guard and drops him to the ground where the referee immediately stops the fight. Marcin Prachnio by second round TKO.

Warlley Alves v. Jeremiah Wells

Jeremiah Wells made his UFC debut in this fight and came out like a hurricane in the first round. He blitzed immediately with lightning punches that he threw as hard as he possibly could. Alves survives the early onslaught and Wells begins to show some slight signs of fatigue. The rest in between rounds however, seemed to be all that he needed. In round two he continues back on his blitz and ends up catching Alves with a heavy hook which drops him and allows the immediate follow up shots to land. Within seconds Alves is unconscious. Wells by second round knock out.

Michel Prazeres v. Shavkat Rakhmonov

Both fighters start off this fight throwing some hard shots before Rakhmonov is able to get a takedown from the clinch position. Prazeres is able to get back up and attempt a takedown of his own which is unsuccessful. In round two Rakhmonov lands a spinning head kick which stumbles Prazeres. They later end up on the ground where he is able to take the back of Prazeres and sink in a rear naked choke forcing himm to tap. Rakhmonov by second round submission.

Danilo Marques v. Kennedy Nzechukwu

The first five minutes of this fight was interesting. Marques immediately jumps on Nzechukwu’s back and locks on with a body triangle. Nzechukwu remains standing against the cage where he spends the entire five minutes of the opening round standing with Marques on his back. Nzechukwu fights off several choke attempts and punches to survive the round. Round two is more grappling from Marques but by the end he is beginning to show some serious signs of fatigue. In round three Marques comes out and is clearly exhausted and done participating in the fight. Nzechuku starts throwing punch after punch and realizes Marques is not responding so he just pours it on even more. It only takes a short time before the referee steps in to stop the fight. Nzechukwu by round three TKO.

Renato Moicano v. Jai Herbert

This fight was dominated by Moicano’s grappling. The first round he spent most of the time on top of Herbert transitioning between strikes and submission attempts. Second round was more of the same with Moicano landing so many strikes that the referee almost stopped the fight. Herbert rolls over and gives his back to avoid the onslaught and ends up getting caught in a rear naked choke forcing him to tap. Moicano by round two submission.

Nicolas Dalby v. Tim Means

Tim Means lands a headkick within the first few seconds of this fight which seems to anger Dalby, sparking a flurry from him. Means ends up getting a takedown and possibly wins the round due to top control. Round two is a back and forth exchange between the two fighters with each of them having their moments. Dalby rocks Means early in the third and then immediately goes for a clinch instead of keeping distance and trying to continue landing strikes. This allows Means to recover. After lots more exchanges the time expires leaving the outcome to the judges. Tim Means by unanimous decision.

Andre Fili v. Daniel Pineda

Daniel Pineda was just getting supremely outlcassed in this fight. He was swinging hard and fighting with heart but Andre Fili was just outlanding him and winning in every aspect of the fight. In the second round it seemed Fili was on his way to a very clear cut win in one of his most impressive performances to date. Unfortunately for him he accidentally pokes Pineda in the eye which leads to the referee stopping the bout. The fight is ruled as a no contest.

Raoni Barcelos v. Timur Valiev

Valiev may have won the first round of this bout just simply due to the busier output. The second round also appeared to be going Valiev’s way until Barcelos landed a brutal shot and dropped him. Valiev gets up and then gets dropped once more with a devastating uppercut. Round three Valiev comes out recovered and is far more active than Barcelos. The fight is left to the judges. Valiev pulls off the upset by unanimous decision.

Tanner Boser v. Ovince St. Preux

Tanner Boser clearly wins the first round by keeping busy with the striking while St. Preux’s output was nearly non-existent. Round two was trending the same way until St. Preux lands a takedown and begins to try and get to his favorite submission positions. Boser is able to scramble back to his feet and land a knee which drops St. Preux. Then while St. Preux is still hurt Boser lands some follow up shots to drop him again and force the referee to stop the fight. Boser by second round TKO.

Ciryl Gane v. Alexander Volkov

Both fighters have their moments in the first round but Volkov was slightly more busy which may have won the round for him. Round two Gane picks the action up a good deal and may have secured the round for himself. Round three he picked it up even more and was noticeably more aggressive with the strike intensity which may have also won the third for him. The fourth round was more competitive as Volkov began to pick up the pace but he was still clearly having trouble trying to figure out the puzzle in front of him. The final round was more back and forth but had Gane being slightly more busy. There was an eye poke with a tiny bit of time left that looked pretty bad but in the end the fighters were allowed to finish the fight and go to a decision. Gane by unanimous decision.

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