Inaugural Gamebred FC Event to Air Tonight, June 18th

The first event in the Gamebred Fighting Championship promotion goes down tonight, at 8 PM EST.

In the press coverage leading up to his bout with Kamaru Usman at UFC 261, Jorge Masvidal broke the news on Gamebred FC, his own bare knuckle MMA promotion.

The promotion is meant to emulate the street fighting videos that infamously brought Kimbo Slice, and later Masvidal himself, to stardom. There will be no gloves worn, with a custom ruleset separating it from traditional MMA competition.

The full card is as follows:

  • Jason Knight vs. Charles Bennett (FTW)
  • Brok Weaver vs. Cliff Wright (WW)
  • Bennis LaBruzza vs. Yaya Olorunsola (195 lbs.)
  • Mahmoud Sebie vs. Eric Thompson (WW)
  • Joel Bauman vs. Brandon Johnson (MW)

The card will be broadcast on the BKTV app, starting at 8 PM on the East Coast.

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