UFC 263 Results and Play by Play

Carlos Felipe v. Jake Collier 

This heavyweight fight was the opening bout of the night and had no shortage of action.  From the very beginning both men were throwing lots of full power shots and displaying some very impressive speed for heavyweights.  Round one was back and forth, and Felipe had a cut under his right eye before the round was over.  Round two was more of the same but Collier did begin showing signs of fatigue toward the end.  The third round had just as much action as the previous two and surprisingly enough the fight went the distance and was left to the judges.  There was a difference in opinion between the judges but in the end, Carlos Felipe wins it by split decision.  

Fares Ziam v. Luigi Vendramini 

Fares Ziam had a significant height advantage in this matchup and from the very beginning was walking forward and forcing Vendramini onto the back foot.  After two rounds it appeared that Ziam was ahead on the score cards and quite possibly on his way to a clear-cut victory.  Vendramini did not seem okay with that narrative, however.  He came out in round three with his foot on the pedal and blitzed Ziam with everything he had.  After landing several shots and wobbling Ziam the fighters ended up on the ground with Vendramini on top.  Vendramini clearly wins the final round making the fight much closer and more exciting, but it was not enough.  Ziam wins by unanimous decision. 

Chase Hooper v. Steven Peterson 

The opening round of this fight was nonstop action and went as expected.  Peterson landing lots of strikes and Hooper coming back with lots of submission threats.  Plenty of success for both and the second round was more of the same.  Chase Hooper is never in a boring fight.  He has zero percent striking defense and one thousand percent submission offense which makes for pure excitement every time.  Round three was the clearest cut of the fight with Peterson taking the round which was enough to seal the victory for him.  Peterson by unanimous decision. 

Matt Frevola v. Terrance McKinney 

This fight lasted seven seconds and had some emotional ties in various ways.  For one, Terrance McKinney takes this fight on very short notice after Frevola’s original opponent pulled out.  McKinney, making his UFC debut, comes out and knocks out Frevola in seven seconds landing him the fastest finish in UFC lightweight history and bringing him to tears.  Unfortunately, to add to the drama, he jumps on top of the cage after the victory and then blows out his knee when he comes back down.  We hope for a speedy recovery for McKinney and congratulate him on a very memorable UFC debut.  

Pannie Kianzad v. Alexis Davis 

Kianzad comes out in the first getting the better of the striking exchanges and appears to win the first round clearly.  However, Davis comes out in the second and starts landing calf kicks which seem to effect Kianzad’s movement and ability to mount her own offense.  Going into the third round the fight appeared to be tied up at one round a piece.  The final round was a close battle with both having their moments of success but after the score cards come in, Pannie Kianzad wins it by unanimous decision. 

Movsar Evloev v. Hakeem Dawodu 

In this fight we saw something that we rarely ever see.  We saw Hakeem Dawodu get dominated.  Evloev came out in the first round, landed a few good strikes and then secured a takedown where he fully controlled Dawodu and landed a great deal of strikes.  Then in the second round, more of the exact same.  The third round was closer due to Evloev deciding to keep the fight standing up.  Dawodu began gaining some momentum and getting the better of the striking exchanges so eventually Evloev got smart and decided to take it to the ground again.  Overall, it was dominant performance.  Evloev by unanimous decision. 

Lauren Murphy v. Joanne Calderwood 

This fight was very evenly matched.  Calderwood had a slight edge in the striking which secured the first round for her.  Murphy had an obvious edge in the grappling which won her the second round and left no question in doing so.  The third round was much closer but, in the end, Lauren Murphy wins by split decision.   

Eryk Anders v. Darren Stewart 

Not a ton of action in the first round as both fighters were feeling each other out and occasionally exchanging strikes.  Anders then initiates a clinch and holds Stewart against the cage for about a minute until Darren gets a trip and takes Anders down to the canvas.  The round ends with Stewart on top.  Round two Anders immediately initiates another clinch and for the most part the round ends without much action taking place.  In the third Stewart secures a quick takedown, but Anders reverses it quickly and ends up on top where he controls and dominates.  Anders wins the third round in the clearest round of the fight which ultimately secures him a unanimous decision victory.   

Drew Dober v. Brad Riddell 

This fight was an all out war that was back and forth.  In round one Dober had Riddell rocked and wobbled but Riddell dove for the legs and was able to get his bearings back while hanging on.  Round two Riddell did much better and was hitting Dober with heavy shots.  Round three had both guys hurting each other but Riddell landing the more damaging strikes toward the end which proved to be enough to secure the victory. Riddell by unanimous decision.

Paul Craig v. Jamahal Hill 

This fight was disgusting and hard to watch.  The fight hits the ground very quickly and Craig locks up an arm bar which quickly snaps Hill’s arm, bending it in directions it should never go.  Hill does not tap, and the ref does not immediately stop the fight.  What ensues after is Craig punching Hill repeatedly in the head while his broken arm flaps all around like it’s made of rubber.  Finally, the fight is stopped, and Hill is quickly taken away for medical attention.  

Demian Maia v. Belal Muhammad 

The first two rounds of this bout were tame for the most part.  This was mainly due to Maia shooting relentless takedown attempts which forced Muhammad to be in eternal defense mode.  This also stifled any bit of offense Muhammad might have otherwise had.  Muhammad did avoid most of the takedowns throughout the fight however and landed just enough strikes to squeak out the win.  Muhammad by unanimous decision.  

Leon Edwards v. Nate Diaz 

This fight was the first 5 round non-title fight in UFC history.  The first two rounds appeared to be won by Edwards due to landing slightly more punches and some devastating leg kicks.  In round three Edwards started really causing some serious damage on Diaz.  He caused a bad cut over the left eye and a large gash in the hairline as well.  Blood was everywhere but that’s par for the course in a Nate Diaz fight.  In the fourth round Edwards landed his hardest shots yet and multiple times.  Diaz, covered in blood, pressed on however and was still in the fight going into the fifth.  The fifth round was just as dominant until out of nowhere, Diaz rocks Edwards with a slick two punch combo and it was the first time we’ve seen Leon Edwards truly wobbled and in trouble.  Nate pressed him heavily and tried to get the finish, but Edwards was able to survive.  Quite an ending to a great fight.  Edwards by unanimous decision. 

Deiveson Figueiredo v. Brandon Moreno  

Moreno dominated round one of this title-fight by being far busier and even dropping Figueiredo at one point.  Round two was a back-and-forth battle as Figueiredo began to turn up his output and both having their moments of success.  Round three was when everything changed.  Moreno gets a takedown and eventually takes the back of Figueiredo and is continuing to threaten with rear naked chokes.  Figueiredo continues to fight them off until he no longer can.  He eventually is forced to tap out before he loses consciousness.  Brandon Moreno by round 3 submission becomes the new flyweight champion of the world.  

Israel Adesanya v. Marvin Vettori 

This middle weight title fight was a much-anticipated rematch.  Adesanya appears to win the first-round despite being taken down briefly after Vetorri catches a leg kick and capitalizes.  Round two Adesanya seems to further the lead while clearly displaying the differences between their striking skills.  Vettori comes out in round three and gets a quick takedown which seems promising, but Adesanya reverses and escapes to end up winning yet another round due to the striking supremacy.  Vettori takes some heavy shots in the beginning of the fourth and attempts another takedown with no success.  At the end of the round Vetorri is getting frustrated knowing he’s now down four rounds to none.  Coming out in the fifth Vettori knows he needs a finish.  Unfortunately for him he’s just vastly outclassed and must accept the fact that Adesanya is clearly the better fighter and has won every round.  Adesanya by unanimous decision to remain the undisputed middleweight champion of the world.  

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