Reug Reug Ready To Fight Again In Two Weeks

Oumar Kane, also known as “Reug Reug”, has been skyrocketing towards stardom since his entrance to the sport of MMA.

The Senegalese wrestling champion has been shown all over highlight reels due to his freakish size as well as furious power and wrestling pedigree.

Kane extended his professional record to 3-0 at ONE on TNT 1, his second win in 2021 and under the ONE banner. Reug Reug dispatched of late replacement opponent Patrick Schmid inside the first round, rocking the Swiss fighter on the feet before engaging with his high level wrestling and knocking Schmid out with ground and pound.

At the post-fight media interviews, when asked about his preferred strength of schedule, Reug Reug stated (by translator) that he would like to have a fight booked in two weeks. He followed it by saying that if it was up to him, he would appear in the cage every two weeks if a fight was available.

With his growing hype and wild performances, you can certainly expect to see him back in there soon.

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