LFA 154 Live Results

The LFA returns to Brazil this Friday for a loaded thirteen-fight card featuring two title fights and many Brazilian prospects like Rodolfo Bellato and Jean Matsumoto!

In the main event, Lucas Fernando and Jansey Silva face off for the vacant Middleweight title, while knockout artist Eduardo Neves squares off against Hyago Silva in the co-main with the vacant Heavyweight belt on the line!

Check back here for the full card results, updated live!

Main Card

Lucas Fernando (8-1) vs. Jansey Silva (8-2) (MW Championship)

Lucas Fernando def. Jansey Silva by KO (Body Punch, 2:34 of Rd. 4)

Eduardo Neves (6-1) vs. Hyago Silva (6-0-1) (HW Championship)

Eduardo Neves def. Hyago Silva by TKO (Ground and Pound, 4:22 of Rd. 1)

Felipe Douglas (21-5) vs. Kaue Fernandes (7-1) (LW)

Kaue Fernandes def. Felipe Douglas by KO (0:45 of Rd. 1)

Carlos Prates (15-6) vs. Eduardo Ramon (21-7) (WW)

Carlos Prates def. Eduardo Ramon by KO (Head Kick, 2:25 of Rd. 1)

Jean Matsumoto (12-0) vs. Marlon Basilio (7-0) (BW)

Jean Matsumoto def. Marlon Basilio by Submission (Mounted Guillotine, 3:00 of Rd. 2)

Mateus Messaros (12-10) vs. Rodolfo Bellato (8-2) (LHW)

Rodolfo Bellato def. Mateus Messaros by TKO (Knee to Ground Strikes, 1:37 of Rd. 1)


Reginaldo Junior (6-0) vs. Richard Martins (5-1) (WW)

Richard Martins def. Reginaldo Junior by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Luana Santos (4-1) vs. Bartira Rodrigues (3-0) (FLW)

Luana Santos def. Bartira Rodrigues by Technical Submission (Standing Guillotine, 3:05 of Rd. 1)

Joao Paulo Silva (4-1) vs. Julio Spadaccini (7-2) (WW)

Joao Paulo Silva def. Julio Spadaccini by KO (Flying Knee and Punches, 3:18 of Rd. 3)

Rhalber Bernardo (8-6) vs. Gabriel Costa (6-0) (LW)

Gabriel Costa def. Rhalber Bernardo by KO (Left Hook, 2:17 of Rd 1)

Bruno Teixeira (3-2) vs. Michael Oliveira (3-0) (WW)

Michael Oliveira def. Bruno Teixeira by KO (Punches, 3:47 of Rd. 1)

Guilherme Uriel (2-0) vs. Jhonatan Pecanha (1-0) (HW)

Guilherme Uriel def. Jhonatan Pecanha by TKO (Head Kick to Ground Strikes3:26 of Rd. 1)

Lany Silva (1-0) vs. Sabrina Oliveira (3-0) (SW)

Lany Silva def. Sabrina Oliveira by Unanimous Decision

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