UFC Fight Night: Krylov vs. Spann Results and Play by Plays

Nurullo Aliev vs. Rafael Alves

In the opening round Aliev lands a takedown within the first minute.  From there he controls Alves for a majority of the round.  Alves never shows much of an urgency to get back up which would normally cost him the round.  However, with 90 seconds left in the round the fight is paused due to Aliev biting the hand of Alves.  Extremely surprising and rare to see this and the infraction costs Aliev a point.  This likely results in a 9-9 round.  In the second round the fight hits the ground quickly again.  Alves once again shows zero urgency to get back up.  This time it will certainly cost him the round as there was no point deduction this time.  In the final round Alves lands a brutal jump knee but in typical Brazilian fashion, he jumps for a guillotine and falls to his back instead of following up with more strikes.  This results in him once again being controlled on the ground.  This results in another clear cut winning round which also equals the fight.  Aliev by unanimous decision.

Joe Solecki vs. Carl Deaton III

In round one of this bout Deaton quickly shows his lack of fight I.Q.  Solecki attempts a takedown against the cage and Deaton makes several mistakes in his defense.  As a result of this, Solecki quickly takes the back while still standing and starts attacking the rear naked choke.  The choke never gets fully under the chin but Solecki’s hands are locked and he is cranking hard on the jaw of Deaton.  Deaton is able to tough it out but there are brief moments where he raised his hand and appeared to be considering the tap.  A clear-cut round for Solecki.  In the second round the fight hits the ground and Solecki once again dominates with his grappling.  This time he takes the back while on the canvas and locks in the body triangle.  From there he controls the entire round while landing punches from behind.  In the final seconds Solecki locks up a choke and Deaton doesn’t have enough time to survive.  He falls unconscious before he can make it to the final bell.  Solecki by second round submission.

Ode Osbourne vs. Charles Johnson

The first round of this bout is very competitive.  Both fighters are very quick and skilled in the striking exchanges.  Each fighter lands their share of strikes, but the only difference is in the grappling.  Johnson lands a takedown and does some nice work in the clinching.  The round is close and his bit of grappling may have been enough of a difference for the judges to give him the nod.  In the second round Johnson lands an accidental low blow that looks extremely hard and damages Osbourne very badly.  He is in clear agony and takes the full five-minute break to recover.  When the fight resumes, they get right back to their competitive exchanges.  However, late in the round Osbourne appears to tire and Johnson starts pouring it on a bit.  In the final round Osbourne is still fatigued but Johnson starts to tire as well.  The fighters continue to push through it and remain competitive.  The fight is closely contested but it feels like Johnson has done enough to edge it out.  The judges disagree.  Osbourne by split decision.  

Jordan Leavitt vs. Victor Martinez

The opening round of this bout is competitive at first.  The striking exchanges are fairly even so Leavitt waits for his opportunity and then pursues the grappling.  Martinez defends nicely though and the takedown attempt is denied.  Later in the round Leavitt backs Martinez up against the fence again and this time he throws some knees right up the middle.  He lands two of them flush and Martinez drops.  Once he hits the ground he shells up in a ball while Leavitt rains down follow up punches.  This is enough for the referee to step in to stop the fight.  Leavitt by first round TKO.

Gabriella vs. Fernandes vs. Jasmine Jasudavicius

The first round of this bout is close, but Jasudavicius is edging out most of the exchanges.  Fernandes stays scrappy but she is slowly losing the round.  In the second round Jasudavicius continues with her forward pressure.  She eventually gets the grappling going and gets right into top control.  From there she controls and lands continued ground strikes.  She eventually gets Fernandez into the crucifix and begins to rain down elbows.  The fight is dangerously close to being stopped but Fernandez somehow finds a way to survive.  Jasudavicius is clearly up two rounds to none.  In the final round Jasudavicius once again gets into top control on the ground.  This time Fernandez has her in a headlock and is able to defend herself much better.  However, this is still not enough to pull off the victory.  She is still on bottom and being controlled with her offense virtually nonexistent.  This is once again a winning round for Jasudavicius and a clean sweep for her in the fight.  Jasudavicius by unanimous decision.

Erick Gonzalez vs. Trevor Peek

The opening round of this fight was all action.  From the very beginning these boys are trading heavy blows and putting a high pace on each other.  Peek starts landing big shots and Gonzalez is forced to start grappling for survival.  He lands several takedowns but Peek gets back up quickly every time.  After a bunch of repeated takedowns Gonzalez is now tired.  Peek starts pushing forward and landing big shots again.  Gonzalez is too tired to grapple now and the shots start landing heavy.  Peek has a final big flurry at the end of the round and despite it looking like Gonzalez might survive, Peek lands a few more flush shots that drop him.  The punches and damage are too big, and the referee is forced to stop the fight.  What a scrap.  Peek by first round TKO.

Mike Malott vs. Yohan Lainesse

For the first half of the opening round the fighters keep a safe distance and mildly trade single and double strikes.  Malott lulls Lainesse into this type of and then catches him off guard by blitzing in for a takedown attempt.  Malott lands the takedown and then gets into top control where he now starts landing ground strikes.  After about a minute on the ground he suddenly latches onto a head and arm choke which catches Lainesse off guard.  It takes only a matter of seconds before Malott tightens up the choke and Lainesse is grimacing.  Lainesse tries to hang in there, but the squeeze is just too tight.  He taps out and Malott now has another beautiful performance on his record.  Malott by first round submission.

Tatiana Suarez vs. Montana De La Rosa

Suarez finally makes it back to competition after being away for several years.  She comes into this fight with a lot of question marks as to where her skill level would be after such a gap in competition.  As it turns out, she’s still got it all.  In the first round De La Rosa makes it competitive.  The fighters exchange strikes on the feet until Suarez starts turning to the grappling.  De La Rosa puts up a lot of resistance to the takedowns.  In fact, she pushes Suarez more than any other fighter ever has.  Despite this Suarez finally gets things going.  She lands a takedown and does enough to win the round.  In the second round Suarez stays persistent with her grappling.  She continues to wrestle and then about halfway through the round, she latches onto the neck and jumps guard.  De La Rosa tried to fight it off, but the choke was just too tight.  She taps out and Suarez has her first win since 2019.  A huge accomplishment followed by a very emotional post fight speech.  Suarez by second round submission.

Augusto Sakai vs. Don’Tale Mayes

In round one Sakai is having big success.  He trades shots on the feet briefly and then starts forcing clinches where he excels.  He lands punches and elbows on the inside.  He then gets Mayes locked up against the fence and starts landing vicious knees to the head and body.  Mayes tries his best to improve his position, but he is getting man handled and battered for a majority of the round.  A clear-cut round in favor of Sakai.  In the second round Sakai continues with the pressure and once again keeps Mayes pinned against the fence.  Sakai keeps adding to his strike count via the clinch and control process.  Mayes occasionally is able to reverse the position but for the most part it is another winning round for Sakai.  In the final round Sakai presses on with the same approach.  It is not the most exciting tactic to witness, but since Mayes is unable to stop it, it is only right to continue with the successful approach.  As the fight ends, we’ve had yet another dominant round for Sakai.  This is a very clear cut win and a nice performance to get him back on track.  Sakai by unanimous decision.

Andre Muniz vs. Brendan Allen

In the opening minute of this bout the two fighters start slow and only trade a couple of leg kicks from distance.  However, as the round begins to play out the punches start flying and each land some very flush shots.  It is a closely contested round and will be a tough one to score for the judges.  In the second round the fighters once again remain on the feet and trading.  Muniz attempts a takedown again but this time he actually gets it.  However, before he can even settle on top Allen uses the falling momentum to keep Muniz flying by which results in a reversal.  Allen spends the final minute on top and in control.  This is likely a winning round for Allen.  In the final round they trade again for a bit but this time it is Allen who finally attempts a takedown.  He lands it successfully and eventually takes the back of Muniz.  Allen peppers shots from behind until he sees his opportunity.  He starts attacking the rear naked choke and although Muniz fights it off for a while, Allen eventually gets his arm underneath the chin.  From there it is only a matter of time.  Muniz taps out and Allen now has a feather in his cap for submitting such a legend of BJJ.  Allen by third round submission.

Nikita Krylov vs. Ryan Spann

Unfortunately, this fight ends up being cancelled during the middle of the event.  The UFC reported that Krylov has fallen ill and is unable to compete tonight.  A very disappointing turn of events for this main event that had a lot of intrigue.  Hopefully the fight will eventually be rescheduled rather than being scrapped.

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