UFC Vegas 42 Results and Play by Play

Da Un Jung v. Kennedy Nzechukwu

The first half of the opening round was very much a feeling out process. Both fighters slowly began throwing but even when they did so it was single shots with only partial commitment. No footwork or bouncing around took place as both guys were standing so close that their feet were touching. After a few minutes though things began heating up and it didn’t take long before Jung lands a hard flush shot that hurts Nzechukwu and sends him backing up towards the cage. Jung pursues and seconds later he has landed a couple more that sends Nzechukwu to the ground knocked out cold. Jung by first round KO.

Marc Diakiese v. Rafael Alves

This fight was yet another fast affair making it two consecutive fast finishes to start off the event. Both fighters meet in the middle and in the opening strike Alves accidentally lands a low blow. Diakiese takes a minute to compose himself and the fight resumes. Both fighters dance around each other and take turns blitzing into the pocket with full power strikes barely missing. It doesn’t take long though before Alves is able to land a good flush shot to the face of Diakiese which stumbles him back towards the cage. Alves blitzes in and throws a jump knee at the same time Diakiese is instinctively bending over to attempt a takedown. The jump knee partially lands and then Alves quickly locks up the neck of Diakiese and begins squeezing with all his might. Moments later Diakiese is tapping out. Alves by first round submission.

Cortney Casey v. Liana Jojua

The first round in this bout started off all Casey. She was piecing up Jojua and pretty much landing at will. It only took a couple of minutes before Jojua was bloodied up pretty heavily with her nose being the main source. Towards the end of the round however, Jojua lands a takedown and is able to land some ground strikes, finishing the round in top control. Round two is pretty much all Casey again. Jojue finished the first round in top control and one would think she had now seen her path to victory, especially after her coaches were urging her in between rounds to go for the takedown quicker. Unfortunately for her, she stays in stand up for the first four minutes of round two and gets lit up again on the feet for the majority of the round. She goes into round three probably down 2-0. In the third round Jojua continues about her striking approach much to the dismay of her coaches. She continues to get lit up on the feet and by the time the fight ends she has been out struck by Casey more than double fold making it an easy decision for the judges. Casey by unanimous decision.

Sean Woodson v. Collin Anglin

In the opening round of this bout Anglin was having a lot of trouble dealing with the extreme height and length of Woodson. For the most part, Woodson was landing at will from the outside as he normally does in this division with what seems like an almost unfair reach advantage. Towards the end of the round, Woodson hurts Anglin to the body and begins to intensify his pursuit and swarm. As Anglin backs against the cage, Woodson lands a few more body shots and Anglin clearly hates them as he drops to the ground in agony. The referee steps in and stops the fight. Woodson by first round TKO.

Cynthia Calvillo v. Andrea Lee

The first round of this fight was mostly a striking exchange. Lee shows an incredibly high output and is peppering from the outside and getting the better of the striking exchanges. It doesn’t take long before Calvillo’s nose is bleeding. One would think this would be enough for Calvillo to finally go to her bread and butter and start pursuing takedowns. She doesn’t even get close to a takedown until the final minute of the round. Andrea Lee takes the first fairly comfortably. Round two is more of the same with Calvillo failing to ever get the fight to the ground and taking continous hard shots to the face and body. By the end of the round she is battered and badly beaten up. Going into the third Calvillo would be down two rounds but the fight never actually makes it to the third as Calvillo’s corner calls it quit in between rounds. A dominant performance and much needed win for Lee. Lee by second round TKO.

Thiago Moises v. Joel Alvarez

This fight was mostly one sided and not what a majority of the people expected. Alvarez with his huge height and reach advantage was absolutely dominant. He threw constant knees, straight punches to the head and body along with some occasional blistering hooks. It didn’t take long until Alvarez hurts Moises and begins stalking him even more aggressively. Moises tries to hang tough but Alvarez continues to land blistering shot after blistering shot and finally the referee had seen enough. Yet another first round finish on the night. Alvarez by first round TKO.

Yadong Song v. Julio Arce

The first half of the opening round was not quite a feeling out process because both fighters were throwing a fair amount but neither were really ever connecting cleanly. That changed though later in the round as Song began to land occasional shots that were very flush. Arce landed a few of his own as well but as the round ended it felt like Song was the clear winner of the opening round. Round two showed an increase in activity from Arce but Song remained elusive while throwing back violently and capitalizing on his openings. It was only a matter of time until Song landed a head kick that wobbled Arce and sent him stumbling backwards towards the fence. Song pressed in violently and threw a few more shots that landed flush and dropped Arce. The referee stopped the fight immediately. Song by second round TKO.

Miguel Baeza v. Khaos Williams

The first round in this fight was not only interesting but it was also very exciting. Williams stalked Baeza for the first half of the round while Baeza galloped horizontally along the outside of the cage. Eventually the fight hits the ground and Baeza locks up the leg and is moving back and forth between trying to damage the knee and ankle of Williams. At the same time Williams is blasting shots to Baeza’s head at every single opening he had. A very tough round to score for the judges. Round two Baeza starts opening up more in the striking department and is landing hard calf kicks that began compromising the leg and balance of Williams. As Baeza increases his aggression Williams finally shoots for a takedown which is defended by Baeza and results in a body lock along the fence. It is at this point that Williams lands his second accidental low blow of the fight which forces the referee to get stern and issue his final warning. The third round begins and it could be anybody’s fight. Both fighters keep trading hard shots but it is Baeza who appears to be gettin the better of the exchanges and still brutally bashing the leg of Williams. Unfortunately for Baeza though, he goes to the leg one too many times and gets caught flush with that deadly right hand of Williams. Baeza drops instantly and the fight is stopped right away. Williams by third round TKO.

Felicia Spencer v. Leah Letson

This fight begins and Spencer gets right to work pressing forward aggressively. It appears that she’s trying to capitalize on the inactivity of Letson and seeing if she can shake her up early with pressure. Letson hangs in there though but eventually the fight ends up in Spencer’s preferred area where she’s got a body lock and is pressing Letson against the cage while working in shots. Letson eventually works her way off the fence but the clinch between the two fighters continues. Letson lands some nice knees to the body but Spencer eventually pushes her back up against the cage and continues to dominate. A clear win of the first round for Spencer. Round two Spencer gets right back to work with the clinch along the fence and it’s just more one way traffic with Spencer continuing to land unanswered shots on Letson as well as completing takedowns along the way. Letson shows her toughness and determination but after two rounds it’s just all Spencer winning two very clear cut rounds. In the third round we see a surprising switch up by Letson and she catches Spencer off guard and hits a takedown of her own. Letson now ends up in top control with over four minutes left in the round. Unfortunately for Letson, Spencer is a very good grappler and is able to reverse the position in less than 20 seconds. The fight ends up back on the feet along the fence where Spencer continues her dominance. For the remainder of the round Spencer just completely batters Letson leaving the referee very tempted to stop the fight at several different junctures. Letson hangs tough but is getting completely battered and with 35 seconds left in the fight the referee has finally seen enough and stops the match. Spencer by third round TKO.

Ben Rothwell v. Marcos Rogerio de Lima

This fight was interesting but short lived. De Lima came out quickly and made sure to capitalize on his speed advantage early. He lands flush and sends Rothwell stumbling backwards falling into the fence. De Lima follows violently and lands several more flush shots that hurt Rothwell even more. Unfortunately for MMA fans the overrated Herb Dean steps in and ruins another fight while Rothwell is in the middle of a takedown attempt fighting to stay alive. Rothwell was clearly hurt but he’s proven himself to be very tough over the years and he was in the middle of a takedown attempt as Herb Dean steps into stop the fight. De Lima by first round TKO.

Max Holloway v. Yair Rodriguez

The opening round of this main event fight was very exciting. Max started off landing the better strikes but it didn’t take long for Yair to remind the world why he’s always been such a highly hyped dynamic fighter. In fact, Yair may have even landed the better of the strikes by the time the round ended. Tough call to say who won the first round but it could very well have gone to Yair. Round two was more of the same with both fighters continuing to batter each other. Hard to say who won the second round but one clear fact is that Yair is landing some of the harder shots we’ve seen anyone land on Max in recent memory. At the same time, Max is continuing to add body shots into the bank while Yair is continuing to add leg kicks. Round three was more of the same but in this round Max lands a takedown and spends a good portion of the round in top control and while Yair fights back and eventually gets to his feet, this is the most clear cut round so far. Round four both fighters are beginning to show wear and tear but it is Yair that shows the most wounds. The fight ends up back on the ground again and Max is once again in top control. Yair continues to scramble and look to reverse the position while searching for submission openings. Max is too smart though and is always able to stay one step ahead. The fight eventually resumes to the feet and the round ends with both fighters still trading shots and clearly showing their toughness and incredible cardio. The final round begins with Yair’s corner telling him he needs a finish. Yair gives everything in the final round and even spends a little bit of time in top control on the ground but in the end it was not enough. Although Yair did put Max through one of the more punishing fights we’ve seen him endure in a long time. Max did just a little bit more though. Max by unanimous decision.

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