UFC 265 Results and Play by Play

Johnny Munoz v. Jamey Simmons

This fight was very closely contested in the first round.  Simmons came out and was throwing lots of 1-2 punch combos.  A few were very close to landing but Munoz was being very smart and elusive.  As close as the round was, Munoz may have helped the judges decide the winner by securing a takedown at the very end of the round.  Round two started out similar to the previous but this time Munoz was able to secure a takedown much sooner.  After a few scrambles and fighting off some submission attempts Simmons ultimately gets his back taken.  It’s only a matter of time when a BJJ stud takes your back.  A rear naked choke gets locked in and Simmons is left no choice but to tap out.  Munoz by second round submission. 

Melissa Gatto v. Victoria Leonardo

Both girls expended a lot of energy in the opening round of this bout.  Gatto insisted on the grappling exchanges and was constantly forcing Leonardo to defend.  In round two it was more of the same but in this round Leonardo started showing extreme signs of fatigue.  Gatto was also started to land flush and fairly frequently.  In between the rounds Leonardo was complaining of arm pain and after the doctor inspected it was determined that the arm was broken.  The fight was called off.  Gatto by round two TKO due to doctor stoppage.  

Miles Johns v. Anderson Dos Santos 

The left calf of Dos Santos took an absolute beating in the opening round of this fight.  By the time the round ended he was already showing extreme signs of being compromised.  Round two Johns began to land more strikes upstairs and would occasionally get Dos Santos to forget about the leg which allowed Johns to land yet another devastating calf kick.  In round three Johns began to pull away landing more and more heavy shots while still butchering the body and legs.  It was only a matter of time until Johns landed an absolutely devastating KO punch laying Dos Santos out flat on his back.  Johns by round three KO.

Manel Kape v. Ode Osbourne

Both fighters in this bout had highly explosive power and terrifying speed.  After the opening minute it became very apparent that somebody was going to sleep and the judges would not be needed.  Osbourne was looking to be the slightly better striker and was landing a few here and there that wiped the smile off of Kape’s face.  Just as it was looking like Osbourne may start to pull away Kape pulls back and throws a jump knee that landed flush.  Osbourne was out instantly.  Kape by round one KO.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz v. Jessica Penne

Both fighters in this bout were coming back to the Octagon from a long layoff.  Karolina seemed somewhat hesitant in the beginning when it came to the striking.  After a few exchanges the fight ends up hitting the ground and Karolina was pretty much in defense mode from there on out.  Penne stayed aggressive on top and began threatening the arm bar pretty heavily.  Karolina was tough and put forth a valiant defense effort but in the end it was not enough.  Penne eventually locks in the arm bar and forces the tap.  Penne by round one submission. 

Alonzo Menifield v. Ed Herman 

Menifield starts this fight with an approach we haven’t seen from him before, calf kicks…  As per usual in the UFC lately, they were highly effective.  Both fighters traded heavy strikes throughout the fight but the more the fight went on, the more Herman’s leg was battered and became an extreme issue.  In between the second and third round, his leg was so swollen that they brought the doctor in to examine it.  Surprisingly, the doctor let the fight continue despite the horrible swelling.  After Herman stumbling around in the third round and throwing haymakers, he was able to survive and take the fight to the judges score cards.  Menifield by unanimous decision. 

Vince Morales v. Drako Rodriguez

The first half of this fight was probably the least entertaining portion of the night up to that point.  Morales was the more active fighter but neither guy was really landing too much.  The second half of the fight things picked up but even then not a lot of things were landing flush.  Both fighters were just too fast, too eager and too scrappy to ever really get anything going on the other.  The fight ended up going to the distance and was left to the judges.  Morales by unanimous decision. 

Bobby Green v. Rafael Fiziev

With the previous fight slightly calming the crowd this one quickly lifted them back up to an adrenaline frenzy.  This fight was a great display of skill, technique and aggression.  Round one was action packed but round two was even more exciting with the crowd getting behind Green chanting “Bobby” over and over again while the rest of the arena filled with loud cheers.  Round three was just as excited as the previous but this was Green’s best round by far landing over 70 strikes.  If the night were to end at this point there’s no doubt this fight would be Fight of the Night.

Casey Kenney v. Song Yadong

Both fighters came out strike heavy in the opening round and for the most part were throwing full power in every shot.  Kenney as of late has surprisingly gotten away from the grappling and has been more comfortable in the striking department but for this fight it was a bit surprising.  Song Yadong throws with extreme power and precision and is very dangerous.  Round two was more of the same with Yadong showing subtle signs of slowing down but they were only brief and not enough to stop him from possibly winning the round.  Round three Kenney had some of his best moments landing a hard knee to the head of Yadong but in the end it was not enough.  Yadong by split decision. 

Tecia Torres v. Angela Hill

Tecia Torres is the tiniest little gladiator you’ll ever see.  She came into this fight on a two fight win streak and looking better than she ever has before.  Hill pressured her in the first and was utilizing her longer jab but Tecia managed to outland her using her usual scrappiness.  Round two was more of the same with Torres just being more tenacious and landing more punches and side kicks.  Round three was a great round for both but Torres stole that round as well and put an exclamation on it by securing a takedown towards the end of the round.  Torres by unanimous decision. 

Michael Chiesa v. Vicente Luque 

The opening round of this bout was high intensity.  Luque was surprisingly the one bringing all the pressure while Chiesa back pedaled and bounced from side trying to evade.  Eventually Chiesa is able to secure one of his patented takedowns and begins threatening submissions immediately.  There were two different times that it looked like Luque might have to tap but he manages to hang on and reverse.  Shortly after the reversal Luque locks up a choke and before Chiesa knows it the choke is in too tight.  Chiesa is forced to tap.  Luque by round one submission. 

Jose Aldo v. Pedro Munhoz 

Jose Aldo looked like his old vintage self in this fight.  He was far too fast, far too explosive and far too determined to be denied.  Munhoz was the aggressor in every round but Aldo was able to evade and then come back and sting him every time.  When he would counter he would throw four and five punch combos.  Munhoz stayed determined and was never discouraged but he was clearly getting outclassed.  This victory for Jose Aldo marked his 30th professional win as a fighter.  Aldo by unanimous decision. 

Derrick Lewis v. Ciryl Gane

We knew this fight was going to be tough for Lewis.  We knew that Gane would be the hardest guy for him to hit that he’s ever fought.  Plus Lewis had the added pressure of fighting in Houston, his hometown.  In round one Gane did his usual point fighting and poked at Lewis nonstop while Lewis loaded up and continued to miss.  In fact, Lewis landed one strike the entire first round.  Round two was more of the exact same.  Half way through the third round Lewis had landed one head strike, one body shot and one leg strike, total, for the whole fight.  Towards the end of the third round Gane begins to hurt Lewis.  He follows with flurries while Lewis tries his best to hang in there for his hometown.  Unfortunately for Lewis he continues to get hurt and eventually it is just too much for him.  Gane by round three TKO.

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