UFC Vegas 33 Results and Play by Play

Philip Rowe v. Orion Cosce 

Cosce comes out in round 1 and throws a few hard strikes to distract Rowe from what we all knew he would do, the takedown.  Shortly after he shoots and gets the first takedown with relative ease.  He lands some decent ground strikes and spends most of the round on top and in control.  Round 2 Rowe comes out more aggressive but it leads to Cosce latching on for the clinch.  Once they separate all hell breaks loose.  Rowe lands heavy combos and rocks Cosce and then Cosce returns some of his own.  The trading shots continues and Cosce takes the worst of the damage.  After being rocked and the referee warning him a few times Cosce finally gets dropped and the fight is stopped.  Rowe by round two TKO.

Ryan Benoit v. Zarrukh Adashev

Round one of this fight was action packed.  Adashev starts the fight throwing insanely hard in every strike he throws.  He begins chopping at the leg of Benoit and has him extremely compromised very early.  Benoit is forced to switch stances in order to survive and after being battered for the first portion of the round he ends the round with his own offense, even dropping Adashev.  Round two is more leg kicks from Adashev and Benoit throwing hard shots with both having their moments.  Round three is Benoit stalking Adashev very intensely.  Adashev keeps moving around the cage trying to survive and hopefully coast on his lead.  Benoit gets frustrated and continues to stalk but the fight ends up going the distance.  Adashev by unanimous decision.  

Ashley Yoder v. Jinh Yu Frey

Frey clearly wins round one by landing the quicker and more precise strikes and lots of them.  She is so dominant that it starts looking like the bout will be an all one-sided affair.  But Yoder in round two begins to get angry and starts landing some heavy shots of her own.  She even cuts and severely swells up the right eye of Frey.  Round three is a back and forth with both fighters feeling like the win is up for grabs.  The fight ends up going the distance and according to the judges the fight was not up for grabs.  All three judges saw the fight as a 30-27.  Frey by unanimous decision. 

Danny Chavez v. Kai Kamaka 

This fight was a weird one and probably even weirder for the judges who had to score it.  Kamaka appears to win the first round but in round two things get confusing.  Kamaka lands a horrible eye poke and Chavez sits on the ground with both eyes closed using almost all of the five minutes allowed for his recovery.  The fight appears like it may get stopped but in the end they are allowed to continue.  After a stern warning from the referee the fight resumes and within 30 seconds Kamaka lands a very hard low blow.  This obviously results in a point deducted and Kamaka is lucky it is not two points.  The fight ends up going the distance and it appears Kamaka has clearly won.  Unfortunately for him the point deduction has a huge impact.  The fight is ruled a majority draw. 

Chris Gruetzemacher v. Rafa Garcia 

Garcia comes out in the opening round and performs like the heavy favorite he is.  He hurts Gruetzemacher immediately and turns on the pressure trying to get the finish.  Unfortunately for him he doesn’t yet realize that finishing this opponent is almost impossible.  Once Gruetzemacher recovers Garcia is now fatigued and still has a long fight ahead of him.  He is never the same after that first flurry and over time Gruetzemacher is pressing him and landing heavy shots.  In fact, if it weren’t for a few key takedowns by Garcia when he desperately needed them, he most likely would’ve been finished on several different occasions.  The fight ends up going the distance and in the end, the tougher caveman of the two is victorious.  Gruetzemacher by unanimous decision. 

Bryan Barbarena v. Jason Witt

This fight starts off and it only takes one shot from Barbarena before Witt decides he wants no more of it.  He immediately shoots for a takedown and is so successful in securing it that he makes it look easy.  Barbarena is able to get up later in the round but Witt has now realized how easy the takedown will be for him.  He immediately secures another one.  Round two is pretty much more of the same and the story of the fight begins to seem apparent.  Barbarena has the advantage in the striking and Witt clearly has the advantage in the grappling. But in round three they have a surprise for us.  The fight ends up turning into a back and forth slobber knocker of rock em sock em robots.  It is an all out war with both fighters being tested and ultimately going the distance.  They collapse to their knees at the end and give each other a hug while gasping for breath.  Witt by unanimous decision. 

Collin Anglin v. Melsik Baghdasaryan

This fight was a little bit one sided.  Anglin tried to use his footwork and serene approach but after a while he just couldn’t ignore how outclassed he was by Baghdasaryan.  It was Baghdasaryan who brought the far more aggressive offense as well as precision and power. Anglin got rocked in the first round but was able to survive.  He comes out in round 2 hoping to do better but it’s more of the same and he eventually catches a deadly head kick.  He stumbles backwards, falls and is hit with one follow up shot before the referee stops the fight.  Baghdasaryan by second round KO.

Niklas Stolze v. Jared Gooden 

Both men come out very aggressively and throw everything with bad intentions.  But it doesn’t take long before Gooden lands a flush straight right dropping Gooden immediately.  He follows up with one hard shot and the fight is stopped.  Gooden by first round TKO.

Gloria de Paula v. Cheyanne Buys

Cheyanne Buys comes out very determined this fight after her last bout left such a bad taste in her mouth.  She comes out aggressive and eats one hard shot but after that she is the one doing all the offense.  After Buys lands some good shots she lands a takedown.  Both fighters scuffle a little and de Paula scrambles to get up.  When she scrambles to get up Buys steps back and throws a left high kick hitting de Paula in the head right as she’s standing up.  The sound is deafening and the violence is undeniable.  The fight is stopped after just a few follow-up shots.  Buys by first round KO. 

Uriah Hall v. Sean Strickland 

Round one is a very active round for Strickland.  He threw almost one hundred strikes in the first round.  He didn’t always land them all and Hall had plenty of offense of his own but Strickland may have won the round off of sheer activity.  Round two may have also went to Strickland due to the busier activity and the minute or so he had Uriah clinched and pinned against the cage while landing strikes.  Round three was the most clear cut up to that point with Strickland hurting Uriah and blitzing him with a flurry.  From there it looked like the beginning of the usual sad story of Uriah Hall.  All the talent in the world but a little bit vulnerable in the mental department.  He appeared to be crumbling again mentally.  Round 4 however, he appears to come out determined again. Unfortunately for him it doesn’t last long and Strickland hurts him again, blitzing once more.  Hall survives though and the fight heads to round five.  In round five Uriah knows he needs a finish and gives everything he has in the first few minutes but it’s not enough.  He begins to fade and Strickland forces him against the cage once more.  He holds him there in the clinch and controls Hall while strategically sneaking in strikes.  The fight ends this way and it appears that Strickland has won every single round.  The judges agree.  Strickland by unanimous decision. 

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