UFC on ESPN 27 Results and Play by Play

Hannah Goldy v. Diana Belbita

Goldy comes out looking far more physically strong than Belbita.  But in the first round it was Belbita doing all the damage.  The straight right was there repeatedly for Belbita to land at will.  She rocked Goldy several times and even dropped her once.  The second round was a little more competitive with Goldy initiating the clinch and utilizing her strength.  Round three Goldy comes out immediately increasing her striking output but halfway through the round Belbita rocks her again with a heavy combination.  Goldy is able to survive however, via the clinch, just as she did in the first round.  The fight ends up going the distance and the judges view it as a 30-27 sweep.  Belbita by unanimous decision.  

Sijara Eubanks v. Elise Reed 

Elise Reed made her UFC debut in this fight and unfortunately for her she was too undersized and just vastly overpowered by Eubanks.  Eubanks immediately comes out and blitzes with a combination simply to close the distance and initiate the grappling.  She gets the takedown easily and from there begins the ground and pound assault that was the beginning of the end for Reed.  After several heavy punches and many elbows that were even heavier, the eye of Reed swells shut and the referee is forced to step in and stop the fight.  Eubanks by round one TKO. 

Julio Arce v. Andre Ewell

From the moment this fight was booked we knew it would be a technical striking battle.  Both men come out in the first throwing big shots.  Arce’s approach was to be the counter striker and every time Ewell would go first he would get stung hard by Arce.  Ewell’s chin held up pretty good in the first considering how hard some of the shots were that he took.  But in the second Arce lands a heavy left hand which stumbles Ewell and opens the window for Arce to blitz and close the show.  After landing a few key shots while Ewell was on wobbly legs doing the chicken dance, the referee is forced to call the fight.  Arce by round two TKO.

Mickey Gall v. Jordan Williams

This fight was fairly short and sweet.  Both guys come out exchanging punches, very little kicks or anything else.  Gall rocks Williams and tries to close the show but Williams hangs tough so Gall stays calm and recomposes himself.  About halfway through the first round, a scramble takes place and Gall snatches the neck of Williams.  Once he locks it in tightly there is no way out for Williams and he is forced to tap out.  Gall by first round submission. 

Ian Heinisch v. Nassourdine Imavov

Heinisch comes out looking to repeatedly kick the front leg of Imavov in order to take away his jab.  Heinisch also looks to grapple but is almost flatlined several times by Imavov throwing a very scary jump knee so that makes him a little more tentative.  In round two it’s more of the same but Heinisch begins showing signs of fatigue.  Imavov recognizes this and after he lands a stiff jab to stumble Heinisch, Imavov moves in for the kill.  He gets Heinisch planted against the cage and blasts him with repeated rabbit punches.  After a few unanswered warnings from the referee the fight is stopped.  Imavov by second round TKO.  

Punahele Soriano v. Brendan Allen 

This fight was a little scary if you bet on Allen like I did.  Soriano was an undefeated knockout artist but I knew he had never faced anyone of Allen’s caliber, especially in the grappling department.  Unfortunately for me though, Allen chooses to keep the fight standing the entire time instead of going for takedowns and choosing the path of least resistance.  Luckily for me though it paid off.  Round one was the most competitive with Soriano landing heavy shots and Allen landing heavy body kicks.  In round two Soriano started showing some extreme signs of fatigue, all while Allen continued to blast his body with punches and kicks.  In round three, Soriano caught his breath and looked dangerous again, even catching Allen with some flush heavy shots.  But Allen was never phased by any of them.  In the end Allen out strikes and outclasses the undefeated knockout artist with two 30-27’s and one 29-28.  Allen by unanimous decision.  

Adrian Yanez v. Randy Costa 

Yanez came into this fight as a pretty heavy favorite but I knew that Costa was being overlooked by the odds makers and the betting public.  From the opening bell Costa comes out completely warmed up and got to work instantly.  Yanez on the other hand, looked flat and partially asleep.  Costa was much faster, more precise and more active.  He hit Yanez nearly a hundred times in that opening round making him miss and almost look like an amateur.  Nobody has ever done that to him.  Yanez however, hangs tough and comes out completely awake in the second round.  He rallies back and out of nowhere, Costa just seems to hit a wall.  He just completely runs out of gas and shells up like he just no longer wants to fight.  Yanez sees that and goes in for the kill.  The referee steps in and the fight is over.  Yanez by round two TKO.

Miranda Maverick v. Maycee Barber

The judges absolutely got this one wrong.  Miranda Maverick comes out and clearly wins the first two rounds by landing more strikes and being more elusive.  In the third round she clearly begins to fatigue and slow down.  Maycee recognizes this and turns up the pressure which clearly wins her the third round.  As the fight ends, the momentum had switched to Maycee and it was undeniable.  But that did not change what had taken place in the first two rounds.  The drunk judges got it wrong and give it to Maycee Barber but that is very common in this sport.  Barber by split decision. 

Darren Elkins v. Darrick Minner

This fight looked like a typical Darren Elkins fight.  Lots of heavy strikes landed on Elkins and lots of grappling scuffles along with Elkins being covered in blood.  But as per usual, the more Elkins bleeds the better he gets.  After nearly two full rounds of nonstop scuffles, grappling exchanges and heavy strikes, Elkins opponent begins to crumble.  Darren Elkins is a junk yard dog and if you can’t separate him from consciousness, he will eventually separate you from confidence and your will to win.  Towards the end of the second round, Elkins gets Minner in a crucifix and after over twenty unanswered strikes, the referee calls the fight.  Elkins by second round TKO.  

Kyler Phillips v. Raulian Paiva 

The opening round of this fight was a back and forth round filled with wild strikes, heavy grappling and momentum changes.  Phillips had Paiva rocked and wobbly on multiple occasions but Paiva hangs tough and survives somehow.  

Round two is a better round for Paiva but the frantic pace continues and both guys are sucking air and trying their best to keep standing.  Unfortunately for them, round three is just as chaotic as the previous two.  Back and forth striking and grappling exchanges and nonstop scuffles.  By the time the fight is over both are beyond exhausted and barely on their feet.  In the end, Paiva’s toughness and heart pays off.  Paiva by majority decision. 

Cory Sandhagen v. T.J. Dillashaw 

This main event fight was a nail biter.  Sandhagen landed the better and heavier strikes all throughout the fight but it was Dillashaw who was the aggressor bringing the constant pressure.  Dillashaw continued to force the grappling exchanges and clinches.  Sandhagen was the slicker striker pulling Dillashaw into strikes and landing repeated jabs and straight punches on him.  Going into the fifth round it felt like the fight was tied and the winner of the final round would take the victory.  After a hard fought final round and a very closely contested bout the fight was left to the judges.  Dillashaw by split decision. 

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