UFC Vegas 31 Results and Play by Play

Rodrigo Nascimento v. Alan Baudot 

Baudot comes out swinging hard in the opening round.  Nascimento stays patient and is clearly looking for his grappling opportunities but absorbs many heavy shots before he gets his chances.  Nascimento does eventually get the clinch but is unable to ever complete the takedown.  Baudot clearly wins round one.  Round two starts off similarly but is quickly elevated as Baudot eats a couple key shots along with showing some very obvious signs of fatigue.  Once Nascimento sees this he turns up the heat and quickly gets Baudot to quit.  Nascimento by round two TKO.

Francisco Figueiredo v. Malcolm Gordon

Gordon wastes no time in this fight at going for takedowns.  The minute the fight starts he sprints to Figueiredo and shoots.  He is relentless in his attempts all throughout the first round.  He doesn’t secure many but the aggression is enough to secure him the first round.  Figueiredo does better in the second and is landing strikes of his own keeping it close.  The third round Gordon lands a takedown immediately and after a few position changes back and forth throughout the round he has spent a majority of the time on top.  That is enough to win him the third.  Gordon by unanimous decision.  

Kalid Taha v. Sergey Morozov

Taha starts this fight as he usually does, throwing extremely explosive strikes with every ounce of power that he has.  He lands a couple here and there but Morozov lands several jabs as well and eventually secures the takedown which both fighters know will be his approach.  Round two Morozov goes right back to the grappling and lands takedown after takedown.  Taha gets up fairly quickly each time but the control time is going to Morozov and the energy bar of Taha is going down simultaneously.  Morozov wins the second round in clear cut fashion.  Round three is the most dominant of the three is Morozov controls Taha for a majority of the round.  Taha rallies in the last minute of the round but it’s too little too late.  Morozov by unanimous decision.  

Amanda Lemos v. Montserrat Ruiz

This fight was short and sweet.  Ruiz comes out super aggressive like she always does and was probably hoping to get her signature head lock but Lemos was having none of that.  If you come in sloppy and aggressive against Lemos you’re going to get sniped which is exactly what happened.  Lemos, acting as the matador, steps aside during one of Ruiz’s blitzes and lands a couple of very hard and precise strikes, dropping Ruiz violently within the first 30 seconds.  The referee rushes in to stop the fight immediately.  Lemos by first round TKO. 

Daniel Rodriguez v. Preston Parsons

Parsons made his UFC debut in this bout and is known for his absolute toughness and aggressive grappling.  Unfortunately for him he was not given an easy opponent for his debut.  Daniel Rodriguez was just too big, too composed and had too smooth of a striking style for him.  Rodriquez hit parsons with several hard shots and really made Parsons wince.  Parsons, as per usual, hangs in there and shows his toughness, reminding the UFC why they brought him in.  Unfortunately for him the accruing damage ends up being too much and the referee is forced to step in and stop the fight.  Rodriguez by round one TKO.  

Billy Quarantillo v. Gabriel Benitez

Quarantillo was the underdog in this fight but apparently he missed the memo.  He rocked Benitez numerous times throughout the fight and had significant takedowns as well.  Round one was fairly dominant for Quarantillo and round two was even more so.  Benitez hung tough and endured several sequences that would’ve made many other fighters quit.  He was bloodied, battered and had both eyes swollen by the time the fight ended.  He gave a very impressive display of toughness but ultimately he was severely out classed.  With a little over a minute remaining in the fight the referee had finally seen enough and stopped the action.  Quarantillo by round three TKO. 

Rodolfo Vieira v. Dustin Stolzfus

Vieira came into this fight as a heavy favorite but the bout did not play out nearly as one-sided as the odds makers may have anticipated.  Vieira has had some major cardio issues in the past and it seemed to be weighing heavy on his mind.  He started off the first round and a half almost too conservative.  Stolzfus however, made a great showing of himself and pushed the action forcing Vieira to have get involved.  There were good back and forth exchanges all throughout the fight and it was highly competitive.  In the third round Vieira gets Stolzfus’ back while standing and locks in a rear naked choke.  They fall to the ground immediately and Stolzfus is tapping on the way down clearly indicating how tight the squeeze must have been.  Vieira by third round submission. 

Mateusz Gamrot v. Jeremy Stephens 

MMA is such a tough sport.  When it passes you, it really passes you.  Jeremy Stephens hasn’t won a fight since 2018.  With every fight camp he talks about how he’s trained harder than ever, focused harder than ever and is more ready than ever.  Unfortunately for him he’s just never given an easy opponent.  Gamrot in my opinion is a future title contender and when I saw this fight booked a few months ago I bet the house on Gamrot.  This fight was extremely fast, not competitive and absolutely devastating for Stephens.  Gamrot comes out in the first, throws a punch or two and immediately secures the takedown.  A few seconds later he’s locked in a kimura and is forcing Stephens to tap.  The fight lasted one minute and five seconds.  Gamrot by first round submission. 

Miesha Tate v. Marion Reneau

This was Miesha Tate’s comeback from retirement.  After nearly five years away, Miesha returns to the octagon and looks absolutely amazing.  Her physique looked better than ever along with her striking and head movement.  She won the first two rounds pretty handily getting the better of the striking exchanges and landing takedowns.  In the third round Miesha lands another takedown and after a long flurry of ground strikes the referee is forced to stop the fight.  This was Marion Reneau’s retirement fight, she said that going in.  Although she did not get to retire on a win she can be proud of all that she achieved in her MMA career.  Miesha on the other hand, looked better than ever and apparently is back on a mission.  Tate by third round TKO.

Islam Makachev v. Thiago Moises 

Makachev comes out in the first round and surprisingly keeps it all standing until the very end of the round.  He appears to win the round after getting the better of the striking exchanges.  Round two he secures a takedown much quicker and is dominant in top position for most of the round which clearly wins the round for him.  Round three is more dominance for Makachev but it gets very interesting at the end of the round when Moises seriously threatens with submissions.  He switches back and forth between heel hooks and toe holds but Makachev endures the pain and gets out of the round okay.  In the fourth Makachev secures more takedowns and is getting more aggressive in hopes to get the finish.  He drops heavy blows and eventually takes the back of Moises locking in a rear naked choke.  Moises is forced to tap.  Makachev by round four submission.  

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