UFC Vegas 26 Prelims Predictions

By João Mendes Coelho

Hello guys! Very balanced fights in this event. Tough and ambitious picks because I think there’ll be some surprises in this one.

(Christian “The Beast” Aguilera #79 vs. Carlston “Moçambique” Harris)

Christian “The Beast” Aguilera is an American fighting out of Brea, California with a professional record (PR) of 14-7-0 and a UFC record (UFCR) of 1-1. He is currently ranked #79 welterweight worldwide. Christian comes out of a loss against a very strong fighter Sean Brady #16. After this loss against a clearly superior fighter, I expect Christian to be highly motivated here against a more favorable matchup. His opponent is older and making his debut in the UFC. In theory, he has better stand up. Although, I think it’ll be really hard for him to get the knockout here like he did with other fighters. I think it’ll be a tough fight for Aguilera, but I think is superior to Carlson and more used to big leagues.

+ Younger fighter

+ Most experienced in the UFC

+ More knockout power (in theory)

Carlston “Moçambique” Harris is a Guyanese fighting out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a professional record (PR) of 15-4-0. He’ll be making his UFC debut currently ranked #7 welterweight in Brazil. He’s coming out of a win by submission, in Abu Dhabi, against a grappler. He only has 4 TKO/KO in his career, but 2 in his last 3 fights (both in 2020). This probably means he’s been improving is boxing, his biggest weakness coming in this fight. In his UFC debut, he’s slightly favorited to win this fight for a reason, He has faced some very well-rounded fighters who are now in the UFC and he got the better of them. But that was back in 2016 and 2017. He’ll have a big grappling advantage and I expect pressure from Carlston, but the UFC is another level.

+ Big grappling advantage

+ Height advantage

Pick: Christian “The Beast” Aguilera to Win.

Coin-flip bout here. I recognize value in both fighters. And although I see Harris as the most dangerous, I think Aguilera will bounce back with a win here. He’s more active, has more experience in the UFC and I think that will pay out in this fight. I see more value on betting in Aguilera here, but this is a very even matchup.

(Tafon “Da Don” Nchukwi #67 vs. Jun “The Iron Turtle” Yong Park #49)

Tafon “Da Don” Nchukwi is a Cameroonian fighting out of Hyattsville, Maryland with a professional record (PR) of 5-0-0 and a UFC record (UFCR) of 1-0. He is currently ranked #67 middleweight worldwide. Comes out of win by decision against Jamie Pickett.

+ Boxing advantage

+ Younger fighter

+ Height and reach advantage

Jun “The Iron Turtle” Yong Park is a South Korean fighting out of Seoul, South Korea with a professional record (PR) of 12-4-0 and a UFC record (UFCR) of 2-1. He is currently ranked #49 middleweight worldwide.

+ Grappling advantage

Pick: Tafon “Da Don” Nchukwi to Win

Another very well-balanced matchup here. If this fight goes to the ground, I can see Park getting the win here. But I don’t think that’ll happen. Tafon looks too powerful. I think the striker (Nchukwi) will get the win here.

(Mike “The Lone Wolf” Trizano #92 vs. Ľudovít “Mr. Highlight” Klein #51)

Mike “The Lone Wolf” Trizano is an American fighting out of Ramsey, New Jersey with a professional record (PR) of 8-1-0 and a UFC record (UFCR) of 2-1. He is currently ranked #92 featherweight worldwide. Comes out of a loss by submission against Grant Dawson #29. Before that, two wins by split decision in the UFC.

+ Height advantage

– Doesn’t fight in almost in 2 years

Ľudovít “Mr. Highlight” Klein is a Slovak fighting out of Slovakia with a professional record (PR) of 17-2-0 and a UFC record (UFCR) of 1-0. He is currently ranked #51 featherweight worldwide. Klein is on 8-fight winning streak and I don’t think Trizano will be the one to end it. Klein looks like the best fighter here and should get the job done against Trizano.

+ Active fighter

+ Superior kick boxing

+ Well-rounded (8TKO/KO and 8 Submissions)

Pick: Ľudovít “Mr. Highlight” Klein to Win

Klein looks too good here, for Trizano. Very active fighter with a huge winning streak who likes to finish fights. I think the fight will stay on the feet and Klein will eventually finish Trizano. 

(Phil “Megatron” Hawes #44 vs. Kyle Daukaus #47)

Phil “Megatron” Hawes is an American fighting out of Little Ferry, New Jersey with a professional record (PR) of 10-2-0 and a UFC record (UFCR) of 2-0. He is currently ranked #44 middleweight worldwide. Comes in this one with a winning streak of 6 fights.

– Cardio (but is improving, won his last fight by majority decision)

+ More well-rounded

Kyle Daukaus is an American fighting out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a professional record (PR) of 10-1-0 and a UFC record (UFCR) of 1-1. He is currently ranked #47middleweight worldwide. Won his last fight and previously lost against Brendan Allen #19.

+ Younger fighter

+ Height advantage

– 0 TKO/KOs in his career.

Pick: Phil “Megatron” Hawes to Win

Coin-flip bout here with two good prospects. I think Daukaus will struggle against such a powerful striker, as Hawes. But if the fight goes to distance, I can see him getting the win here. Overall, I think Hawes is the most experienced and looks like he’s on a mission in the UFC. I think he’ll end his fight.

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