UFC Goes Public / Pay JBJ / Bellator 255 and Rankings / New Shorts, Same Problems – Sparring Partners MMA Podcast 23

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The boys are back for this 23rd edition of the Sparring Partners MMA Podcast to discuss all the things going on in the wild west town that is the MMA landscape.

Coby and Brad discuss the possibilities of a public, share-holder-based fight promotion. How does that work?

Your hosts also discuss the ongoing situation with Jon Jones and the UFC. Pay the man! Do the fight!

The new Venum fight kits are here along with the new pay structure and it’s…just as horrible for the athletes as before! Did we expect anything more or less? Probably not, but we talk about it.

Bellator 255 is upon us! Coby previews the main card.

All that and more on this week’s Sparring Partners MMA Podcast!

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