Sparring Partners Podcast Episode 8.5 (solo): Smith v. Clark / Tyson vs. Jones Jr. / Hermansson v. Vettori and More

Last week, I got lost out in the woods which caused us to miss. Brad, being the great friend he is, went out to go look for me. Unfortunately, I made it back home, and he is still out there looking. While we should see him back from the rescue mission by next week, I took it upon myself to do a solo episode this week.

In this special solo-episode, I take a look at the results for Smith v. Clark and look ahead to this week’s fight night of Hermansson v. Vettori.

In addition to MMA, I look at the special “Legends League” fights that took place between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. I also take a look at Jake Paul’s KO of Nate Robinson and what could be in the fighting future of the YouTube star.

I also peruse r/MMA for some news bits.

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to reach out with questions, comments, and concerns in the comments below or on YouTube.

Also available on Anchor and Google Podcasts

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