Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor, is it really happening?

For the past week fans have been teased by MMA’s cash cow and while I’m normally not the biggest McGregor fan, I’m bought in for this fight.

When negotiations for Ferguson vs Poirier at UFC 254 fell through, Dustin was left at a disadvantage in his quest to get paid what he thinks he is worth. Poirier seemed to believe this himself as he returned home from American Top Team, ending his fight camp for his bout against Tony. Hope seemed lost for Poirier and his fans until Notorious grabbed his phone.

Conor offered a “charity” bout between him and Dustin where the two would fight, and each donate to the other’s charity. This is a great concept in theory, but did anyone actually believe this for one second? McGregor is the richest fighter in history for a reason, he knows exactly how to gain leverage in negotiations and the charity bout was his weapon of choice this time around.

A week after the original exchange between Poirier and McGregor, a pay-per-view spot in December magically opened up and per McGregor and Poirier, contracts were sent to make this an official bout.

And today more information from the fighters came out via twitter that they want the fight to be in November (vacant PPV spot as well), with charitable donations still included.

Everything about this fight works in my opinion. Dustin needs one or two more notable wins to get a second title shot and he will get paid significantly more than he likely wanted in his scheduled bout against Ferguson. Conor gets to stay active and if he can beat a name like Dustin Poirier, I don’t think many people will have an issue with him rematching Khabib. And it’s a rematch and everyone loves rematches.

 It all sounds too good to be true right now, but we will find out the final details in the coming month.   

Do you think this fight will happen? Tweet me your thoughts @chriscarp66 !

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