Dana White’s Contender Series Season 4 Week 4 Live Play-by-Play and Who got a Contract at DWCS

Welcome back to Film Fight Freaks’ live play-by-play coverage of the Dana White’s Contender Series 2020 season.

So far the fights have been great, and our prediction record stands at 9-5, so let’s get into the violence!

Kyron Bowen v. Collin Huckbody

Round 1.

Quck leg kick from Bowen to get things started.

He advances with another one.

Huckbody goes for the double leg, and after an awkward entry, he gets a bodylock slam into Bowen’s guard.

Bowen kicks him up momentarily, but Huck is back on him.

Huckbody is in mount now. This is dangerous territory for Bowen.

Bowen almost bucks Huckbody off, but that opens him up for Huck’s pattentted arm triangle.

It’s in, and Bowen has to tap.

Fight Overall: This one went as expected. Very impressive that Collin Huckbody was able to execute his regular blueprint without many hiccups and in under 90 seconds.

Result: Collin Huckbody def. Kyron Bowen Round 1 (1:28) via Arm Triangle

Mike Breeden v. Anthony Romero

Round 1.

The Canadian prospect, Romero aviods a pair of leg kick from Breeden.

Romero narrowly avoids a straight from Breeden.

Nice combination from Breeden that ends with a body kick that lands.

Jab from Romero, but Breeden continues to be the Matador.

Solid knee from Breeden is blocked.

The fighters trade calf kicks.

Romero is using his jab well to styme the advance of Breeden.

Breeden narrowly misses with a straight that just glides across the chin of Romero.

Nice combination from Romero. Followed by a leg kick that clearly got to Breeden.

Romero throws a flying knee that connects!

Breeden is showing his chin here, as he doesn’t look too rattled as the men separate.

A few exchanges are rather uneventful and the round comes to an end.

Round 2.

Breeden threatens a level change, but Romero quickly shrugs it off.

Breeden pushes Romero against the fence, but it is of no cosequence as the men quickly separate.

Romero momentarily gets Breeden down with a sloppy takedown, but the men are quickly back up.

Breeden is staying aggressive and he is clipping Romero.

Breeden gets cracked with a great uppercut!

The men exchange.

Romero whiffs on a head kick that sails over the head of Breeden.

Spinning backfist from Romero!

Breeden shoots for a takedown, but settles for pressing Romero against the cage.

They separate.

Romero hits an emphatic takedown and manages to control Breeden for a few shots of ground and pound.

The men scramble back to their feet.

Breeden gets continues to eat leg kicks and it shows in his stance.

Breeden hits a huge knee that rattled Romero!

Breeden follows it up with a left hook!

Romero is dancing away and he is able to avoid further damage until the round ends.

Round 3.

Breeden is switching stances, showing the wear of his legs.

Breeden is being super aggressive. He is swinging and he knows he needs a finish.

Romero is answering back.

Romero hits another solid leg kick that stiffens the leg of Breeden and he is limping!

Breeden is in trouble!

He survives, and is continuing to move forward.

Breeden continues to hobble forward, but he is finding success in the wild exchanges.

Romero is playing this a bit safe in my opinion.

Breeden might be winning this round. He is landing.

Big left hook from Breeden! It’s followed by ripping hooks to the body.

Romero hits a nice straight punch.

Nice lead uppercut! Romero lands a calf kick to the other leg of Breeden and he struggles to stand.

Breeden recovers a bit, just enough to push forward!

Romero hits a takedown to end the fight.

Fight Overall: Fantastic. Both fighters showed who they are in this fight. Romero played the talented prospect and Breeden played to part of the heavy hitting older fighter. Not sure if that performance is contract worthy due to Romero appearing to coast a bit.

Result: Anthony Romero def. Mike Breeden via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28

Jeffrey Molina v. Jacob Silva

Round 1.

Molina refuses the glove touch.

Leg kick from Molina drops Silva.

Molina is active with his kicks, but one is caught by Silva, and Molina falls.

Silva lets Molina back up, but in order to bomb on his opponent against the cage!

Molina turns the position around and works his way to double underhooks, pressing Silva agianst the cage.

After a series of takedown attempts from Molina, the men separate.

Silva drops Molina, but Molina is let back up.

Silva is blitzing Molina across the cage, but Molina slips in a punch that cracks Silva!

Silva wrestles his opponent against the cage until the men separate.

Molina again controls Silva against the cage, landing good knees to the body.

An elbow on the separation from Molina.

Silva gets dropped at the end of the round as he storms in!

The round is over, and Silva looks a bit confused as he walks back to his corner.

Round 2.

The men walk to the center

Nice kicks from Molina as Silva threatens another blitz.

Molina looks relaxed as he goes from one stance to another.

Silva lands a nice kick to the body.

Good right hand from Silva.

Snapping leg kick from Molina! He is fighting really long this round.

The activity of Molina seems to be stifling the forward rushes of Silva.

Molina is staying active with his kicks and Silva is just defending.

Nice left straight from Molina rattles the head of Silva!

Molina lands a left hook to a solid body kick.

Silva hits his first nice flurry of the round with 50 seconds left.

Silva gets dazed by a headkick! Molina follows it up with brutal knees to the body in the clinch.

The round ends as the fighters separate from the cage.

Molina is pulling away in this fight.

Round 3.

Silva is throwing to open the round.

A kick grazes the face of Silva.

Molina is doing a great job controlling the distance with his kicks and jab.

Another great head kick from Molina!

Molina is pressuring now and Silva is walking against the cage.

Nice combination from Silva ends in a right hook.

Molina is edging into Silva’s range, allowing Silva to find more success.

A headbutt halts the action.

The fight continues.

Both men are staying in striking range and exchanging!

Fantastic stuff from these two men!

Silva gets hit with a massive knee from striking range! He just eats it!

Molina is getting caght in some of these exchanges by Silva.

Nice jabs from Silva.

Silva storms forward with a four-strike combination that whiffs.

Molina’s movement is not as quick this round, but good enough most of the time.

A relentless flurry from Silva ends the fight as the final bell rings!

Fight Overall: Incredible. These flyweights delivered an all-action affair that is among the best we’ve seen this season. I hope the winner gets a contract, and the loser gets to come back again.

Result: Jeff Molina def. Jacob Silva via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Rafael Alves v. Alejandro Flores

Round 1.

Alves hits a solid leg kick.

Alves is pressuring early, but Flores is moving well.

Alves clips his opponent with a stiff jab.

Nice oblique kick from Flores.

Alves hits a big head kick that is blocked.

Nice combination from Alves ends in a leg kick.

Flores attempts an up-elbow that narrowly misses.

Alves is pressuring, but is kept at bay by the jabs of Flores.

Both fighters are staying disicplined.

Alves lands a pair of hooks on Flores against the cage.

Alves lands a good straight, but is immediately pressed against the cage by Flores.

They separate as Flores fails on a trip.

The men exchange with no real strikes of note.

The round comes to a close as the two men trade strike attempts.

Round 2.

Flores hits a quick jab to open the round, and follows it up with a long left hook.

Flores is much more active with his movement here in the opening of the round.

Alves is pressuring, but his is the slower fighter.

Flores is staying really active. He is mixing his punches and kicks in a nice way here in round 2.

Alves opens up with a jumping roundhouse kick.

Alves jumps to a guillotine choke!

It looks tight, but Flores is fighting it! Alves is holding tight and seems to be readjusting.

Flores has to tap!

Fight Overall: Good showing from both men. Alves delivered in a big way here. He was being outworked, but he stayed patient. Great reflexes to snatch that choke.

Result: Rafael Alves def. Alejandro Flores via Submission (Guillotine Choke) Round 2 (2:55)

Jhonoven Pati v. Jamie Pickett

Round 1.

The atheletes come to the center and touch gloves.

Picket qith a stiff jab and Pati whiffs on a leg kick.

Pati rushes forward with a big right that is narrowly avoided.

Pickett answers with a flurry of his own.

Picket is being pressured by Pati, but is landing kicks.

Pickett shoots for a takedown and is under threat of a triangle. Pickett defends, and uses it to pass to side control.

Pati is working his up and shoots for his own takedown, pushing Pickett agaisnt the cage.

Pati lifts Pickett and slams him to the floor!

Pickett is being stuffed against the cage, but he catches a guillotine. It is tight, but Pati defends.

Pati punishes Pickett on the ground, but Pickett works his way up.

Pickett looks tired and Pati is having a lot of success on the feet and in the clinch.

The round ends as Pickett lands a nice right hand.

Round 2.

Pickett with a push kick.

Nice combination from Pickett!

Pickett clips Pati with a series of straight punches!

He’s landing hook after hook as Pati loses his mouthpiece!

Pickett continues landing as Pati falls to the floor.

The referee has no choice but to jump in and stop the fight!

Fight Overall: Great back and forth fight. Pickett was waning in the second half of round one, but he was able to put it together with an incredible flurry that stopped his opponent.

Result: Jamie Pickett def. Jhonoven Pati via TKO Round 2 (0:22)

Who Won?

Collin Huckbody – Submission (Arm Triangle) Round 1.

Anthony Romero – Unanimous Decision

Jeffrey Molina – Unanimous Decision

Rafael Alves – Submission (Guillotine) Round 2.

Jamie Pickett – TKO Round 2.

Who Got a Contract?

Collin Huckbody gets a contract, which was pretty much a no-brainer.

Jeff Molina gets a contract!

Rafael Alves gets a contract!

Jamie Pickett gets a contract! Dana states, “he has paid his dues in full!” I couldn’t agree more.

As expected, Anthony Romero was unable to secure a contract due to his inablility to put away Mike Breeden who was basically fighting on one leg. Rest assured, he’ll be back.

And that’s all, folks! What a card! I’m having a blast watching these with those of you who are watching along.

Also, this is our first perfect week for predictions! Perfect 5-0! That brings our prediction record to 14-5.

See you next week!

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