DAna White’s Contender Series Season 4 Week 3 Live Play-By-Play And Who Got a Contract at DWCS

Welcome back! Another week, another set of up-and-coming athletes looking at their shot at the big time!

We’re currently 6-3 in our predictions and we want to see how we improve or worsen that track-record.

Read on, and we should be in for a solid night of fights at this week’s Dana White’s Contender Series.

Kevin Syler v. Kenny Cross

A couple fighters who missed out on week 1, get their chance to show what they’ve got.


Both fighters touch gloves.

Syler is pushed down in an exchange, but is let back up.

Cross is really having success in the standup here. His punches hare landing.

Cross is pushing Syler up against the fense. The physicality of Cross is really showing here.

Syler works his way out only to be greeted by more shots from cross.

Syler lands a headkick and gets the back of Cross in a scrambling. They are standing against the cage.

Syler gets a trip, but Cross is back up quick and Syler falls off the top.

Cross lands a huge punch as he follows Syler to the ground.

Syler turns over to work his way up.

Syler threatens with a guillotine, but it is shaken loose by Cross who is now in the guard of Syler.

Not much going on in the way of action. Cross is slowly hitting the body.

Big shots from Cross to end the round.

Good round for Cross, I think he got it.

Round 2.

Cross comes out confident and lands a pair of nice, powerful leg-kicks.

Big body kick from Cross!

Syler lands two hard hooks as Cross blitzes in!

Cross shoots for a takedown, pushing Syler across the cage, but it is defended.

Syler jumps up for a guillotine and it looks tight! Cross pops his head out.

Syler is looking to work his way up, but Cross is doing a great job controlling against the fence.

Cross has the back of Syler and is flattening him out.

Cross is beating on his opponent as Syler struggles to escape underneath.

Syler sweeps and falls back for a straight ankle-lock. It’s a sticky situation, but Cross eventually works his way out and goes into the half guard of Syler.

Another good round for Cross. Better offense from Syler, but not enough to get the round.

Round 3.

Syler storms across for a half-hearted flying knee.

Cross shoots of a takedown, pushing Syler against the cage.

Syler threatens with a kimura and momentarily has a back-crucifix position on Cross.

Cross sweeps and takes top-control, but Syler works his way up.

Syler is trying to threaten the neck of Cross, but he is overpowered.

Cross gets another takedown and takes side-control. Syler is struggling underneath the bigger, stronger man.

Syler recovers guard, but is not working his way up.

In a scramble, Syler gets the back of Cross, but his is too high and has to bail.

Syler looks absolutely shattered, but he gets a takedown. He’s looking to finish, but it’s too little, too late.

This round probably goes to Syler based on the final moments.

Fight Overall: This is a solid win for Cross, but I’m not sure it’s enough to get a contract. Neither man really wowed with this performance, but Cross showed his ability to be well-rounded if he has to be.

Result: Kenneth Cross def. Kevin Syler via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Chad Johnson v. Josh Parisian

A couple heavyweight strikers take to the cage!

Round 1.

Big weight discrepency here. Very noticable.

Parisian is pushing forward.

Nice leg-kick momentarily makes Johnson slip.

Both fighters trade powerful punches!

Another huge leg-kick from Parisian.

Big punch from Johnson lands in an exchange.

Parisian is gets bombed on all across the Octagon and ends up pressed against the cage by Johnson.

Johnson gets dropped exiting the clinch and is underneath the much bigger Parisian.

Parisian is trying to set up an armlock from side-control. Johson defends, but it allows Parisian to take mount!

Parisian is landing hard with the ground and pound!

The referee sees Johnson going out under the fire from Parisian and has no choice to step in to stop the fight!

Round 2.

Round 3.

Fight Overall: Johnson did much better than I expected him to. That said, Parisian stayed savvy and showed his killer instinct when he got Johnson in trouble.

Result: Josh Parisian def. via TKO Round 1 (3:43)

Orion Cosce v. Matt Dixon

Fight night sees the first Cosce brother make their way to the cage! Matt Dixon is a great prospect in his own right, and I can’t wait to see what these two killers have to show us.

Round 1.

Both men come out and touch gloves.

Dixon is aggressively pushing Cosce to the cage. He get him there.

The men wrestle against the cage, and Dixon gets the lift, but Cosce finds his way back up quickly.

They separate.

Cosce is moving forward, but Dixon is able to feint the takedown to get his oppoent to back off.

Cosce throws a headkick that’s blocked.

Takedown from by Dixon!

Dixon is using his movment well, landing jabs as well.

Cosce pushes Dixon against the cage and lands a knee on the exit.

Cosce hits a big overhand left! Dixon answers by pushing Dixon against the cage.

They separate.

A nice one-two from Dixon and he shoots.

Cosce catches a tight guillotine on the way down, but Dixon just stays in til the end of the round.

One round for Dixon, I think.

Round 2.

Inside leg-kick from Cosce.

Cosce is pushing hard. Dixon is answering with well-timed punches that are stining Cosce.

Cosce is finding success, which prompts more wrestling from Dixon that is thwarted.

Dixon is utilizing head-movement really well!

A low-blow from Cosce halts the action. The knee landed clean, but the foot did not.

We resume.

Cosce is pressuring again. He lands a big leg-kick that off-balances Dixon.

Dixon again presses Cosce against the cage. The two men wrestle.

They separate clean.

Cosce is starting to land big, and Dixon is slowing down

Big knee from Cosce in the clinch.

Another takedown attempt from Dixon is stuffed against the cage.

Cosce spins out.

Good round for Cosce. I think he did well to adjust, and Dixon looks really tired.

Round 3.

Cosce pushes forward and lands a big hook. He is really going for it.

Dixon shoots for a takedown. It’s deep, but Cosce shrugs him up to a clinch.

Cosce turns Dixon around and slams Dixon to the mat and he looks stunned!

Cosce is working on an armlock , but has to go back to controlling Dixon.

Dixon is looking ragged as Cosce controls him and beats on him.

Cosce postures up, and Dixon momentarily gives up his back, but settles back in to half-guard.

Cosce gets a scarfhold and is beating on the head of Dixon!

Cosce is going off with the ground and pound!

Dixon gives up side-contro and Cosce gets the crucifix!

Dixon struggles to escape as Cosce hits him over and over again!

Referee Marc Goddard decides that Dixon can no longer defend himself and steps in to protect him, calling off the fight!

Fight Overall: What a dramatic bout! At first, it looked like Dixon was going to run away with it, but Cosce adjusted well in the second and third round. Cosce eventually came back with his athleticism and conditioning to win via stoppage.

Result: Orion Cosce def. Matt Dixon via TKO Round 3 (4:42)

Cheyanne Buys v. Hilarie Rose

The only women’s bout of the evening starts in just a bit. Should be a good one!

Round 1.

Buys comes forward quickly.

The women exchange, each landing shot.

Flying armbar from Rose! Close, but no cigar. Buys lets Rose back up.

Buys presses Rose against the cage with double-underhooks.

Rose hits a good trip, but ends up on her back with Buys in her guard.

Buys gets up and lands a solid punch on her way!

Buys seems to be just a little sharper on the feet. She lands a good right-hand on her way to a thai plumb.

Buys lands a nice four-punch combination that backs Rose up!

Rose shoots but she is stuffed and pressed down to her knees with Buys threatening her neck.

Rose rolls back and is underneath Buys in half-guard. Buys is doing a great job controlling.

Rose pushes on the hips and finds her way back up.

Buys ends the round pressuring and landing shots on Rose.

Really fun round. I give it to Buys.

Round 2.

Nice jab from Rose to open the round.

Good exchanges from both women, but nothing major.

Buys hits a jumping roundhouse kick to the body and then presses Rose to the cage.

Rose is being outmuscled against the cage with Buys holding on to double-underhooks and kneeing the legs.

Buys opens up with a punch combination that lands, but then goes right back to holding Rose against the fence, beating her up with short punches and knees.

Good strikes from Rose momentarily get a reversal of position, but it doesn’t last long before Buys controls her yet again.

Buys pushes off and separates.

Buys’ shots are clearly more powerful when they land, and they are landing often on the head of Rose.

A big punch prompts a shot from Rose!

Buys stuffed it, but is pressed against the cage.

Rose gets a throw, but ends up getting her back taken in the process!

A much more dominant round for Buys. Rose is surviving.

Round 3.

Buys comes straight back out with the pressure.

She is upping her volume here and I think she’s looking to finish.

Rose is still in it, but is simply outclassed by the accuracy and power of Buys.

Buys lands a great combination and goes back to controlling Rose with double-underhooks against the cage.

Nice shots on the exit from Buys!

Big overhand right from Buys!

Buys gets the back of Rose in the standing clinch in the middle of the cage, but Rose fights her off.

Rose is getting bombed on against the cage and Rose looks to be in a lot of trouble!

Rose shoots for another takedown, but only ends up having her back taken by Buys!

Rose fights the hooks off and stands back up with Buys clinching her from the back.

Buys, still controlling the back, is pressing Rose against the cage.

The women separate and start a wild exchange when the ending clacker sounds.

The fight is over and Buys believes she has done enough to get the decision win.

I agree.

Fight Overall: Great fight! Rose showed her toughness, but Buys showed that she is next level. She fought a dominant fight where she showed the technical edge everywhere.

Result: Cheyanne Buys def. Hilarie Rose via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Louis Cosce v. Victor Reyna

Final fight of the night, featuring the second Cosce brother and a fighter, in Reyna, that returns to the DWCS cage.

Round 1.

Cosce comes out throwing hard shots that Reyna manages to avoid.

Cosce again storms Reyna but seems to get stung by a counter strike.

Reyna get tagged with an overhand left, and he goes down into turtle position!

Cosce kneels down and starts pounding away on Reyna!

Reyna tries to cover up, but he begins to lose consciousness!

The referee has no choice but to rescue Reyna from the onslaught of Cosce!

Round 2.

Round 3.

Fight Overall: That is big. Reyna is an experienced athlete, and is known to be durable. For Cosce to come out and stop him that early, and in that way, tells us a lot about what he’s currently able to achieve in this sport.

Result: Louis Cosce def. Victor Reyna via Round 1 (1:12)

Who Won?

Kenneth Cross – Unanimous Decision

Josh Parisian – TKO Round 1

Orion Cosce – TKO Round 3

Cheyanne Buys – Unanimous Decision

Louis Cosce – TKO Round 1

Who Got a Contract?

Dana White passed on Kenneth Cross.

Dana White is interested in being in the Josh Parisian business.

Although he was furious with Cosce stopping prematurely in the second round, Dana White awarded Orion Cosce with a contract.

Dana White awards Cheyanne Buys with a contract and seems pretty excited about it.

The last one is a no-brainer, Louis Cosce has also captured a UFC contract.

Prediction Score

For this night of awesome fights, we went 3-2, bringing our overall prediction record to 9-5.

Not too bad, but we always aim to do better!

So, see you tomorrow for the week four preview, and we’ll see you next week, for more play-by-play and Dana White’s Contender Series action!

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