LFA 157 Predictions

The LFA is returning for a second week in a row with a fifteen-bout fight card from the Mystic Lake Resort Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

The vacant Bantamweight belt is up for grabs in the main event as Melissa Croden faces off with Jacqueline Cavalcanti while prospects like Richie Miranda, Quang Le, and Nejra Repp look to make impressive statements.

Main Card

Melissa Croden (4-1) vs. Jacqueline Cavalcanti (4-1) (BW)

My Pick: Melissa Croden via Decision

Bobby Lee (13-7) vs. Arthur Estrazulas (13-5) (LW)

My Pick: Arthur Estrazulas via Decision

Kegan Gennrich (5-2) vs. Richie Miranda (6-0) (LW)

My Pick: Richie Miranda via Decision

Alden Coria (5-2) vs. Jesse Martinelli (2-0) (FLW)

My Pick: Alden Coria via Submission

Marnic Mann (5-1) vs. Amber Brown (7-6) (SW)

My Pick: Marnic Mann via Submission

Quang Le (5-0) vs. Ira Lukowsky (3-2) (BW)

My Pick: Quang Le via Decision

Amari Sengsavanh (2-0) vs. Kibedy Gordon (4-0) (140-lb. Catchweight)

My Pick: Kibedy Gordon via Decision


Griffin Parriott (1-0) vs. Kurtis Ellis (2-0) (150-lb. Catchweight)

My Pick: Griffin Parriott via Decision

Rachael Lippert (0-0) vs. Mariana Piccolo (1-2) (FLW)

My Pick: Mariana Piccolo via Decision

Tom Krenzel (2-5) vs. Jackson McVey (1-0) (MW)

My Pick: Jackson McVey via Submission

Austin Judge (13-7-1) vs. Cliff Wright (12-19) (165-lb. Catchweight)

My Pick: Cliff Wright via Submission

Santos Verdinez (1-0) vs. Pierre Ba (1-0) (140-lb. Catchweight)

My Pick: Santos Verdinez via Submission

Mitchell Wilson (3-0 AM) vs. Brock Hamer (5-1 AM) (Amateur LW)

My Pick: Mitchell Wilson via Decision

Noah Gasho (2-0 AM) vs. Jeffrey Tuley (3-1 AM) (Amateur BW)

My Pick: Noah Gasho via Submission

Dylan Kiskila (2-1 AM) vs. Brandon Mills (3-0 AM) (Amateur FTW)

My Pick: Brandon Mills via Decision

Stay tuned to our home page tomorrow to catch the full card results live!

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