CES 71 Live Results

CES returns with the CES 71 card this Thursday, live on UFC Fightpass at 8 PM EST!

The card has been through a number of changes throughout the week, as the main event repeatedly fell apart, leaving Eddy George without an opponent. In the new main event, TUF alum Mitch Raposo looks to capture the CES Flyweight crown against Flavio Carvalho. The Lightweight title is on the line in the co-main event with Nathan Gareeb and Antonio Castillo Jr. getting called up on short notice.

Check out the full card below, updated with results live!

Mitch Raposo (6-1) vs. Flávio Carvalho (7-4-1) (FLW Title)

Mitch Raposo def. Flávio Carvalho by Knockout (0:19 of Round 2)

Nate Gareeb (6-2) vs. Antonio Castillo Jr. (13-15) (LW Title)

Nate Gareeb def. Antonio Castillo Jr. by Submission (Suloev Stretch, 4:34 of Round 2)

Dion Rubio (3-0) vs. Kaecy Raddon (2-0) (LW)

Kaecy Radeon def. Dion Rubio by Technical Knockout (Ground and Pound, 4:56 of Round 2)

Yuri Panferov (3-0) vs. Brian Imes (8-12) (Catchweight)

Yuri Panferov def. Brian Imes by Technical Knockout (Ground and Pound, 2:21 of Round 1)

Shane Dillehay (3-2 Amateur) vs. Kamil Meler (1-2 Amateur) (LW)

Shane Dillehay def. Kamil Meler by Technical Knockout (Ground and Pound, 2:33 of Round 1)

Jon Ciampa (0-0) vs. Jerell Nettles (0-1) (LHW)

Jon Ciampa def. Jerell Nettles by Technical Submission (Triangle Choke, 2:17 of Round 1)

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