UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs Allen Results and Play by Plays

Christian Rodriguez v. Joshua Weems

Weems comes into this fight on short notice.  He takes on Rodriguez who is known for his precise and dangerous striking skills.  As the first round begins, Rodriguez marches forward and puts Weems on the back foot.  Rodriguez lands several nice shots within the first minute.  The fighters eventually end up clinching along the fence and trading inside strikes.  Weems finally attempts the takedowns now that the clinch is engaged.  Rodriguez defends nicely.  As the round progresses it stays competitive but eventually there is a scramble on the ground.  Rodriguez locks up an anaconda choke that appears to be extremely tight.  After about ten seconds of trying to survive, Weems eventually is forced to tap out.  A very impressive performance by Rodriguez that gets him back in the winning column.  Rodriguez by first round submission.

Carlos Mota v. Cody Durden

Mota makes his UFC debut in this fight against the heavy grappling Durden.  In the opening round both fighters come out aggressive.  They trade shots and eventually Durden lands flush and drops Mota instantly.  Durden chases him to the ground and remains in top control for the remainder of the round.  Mota throws up a couple of submission attempts, but they are evaded, and it is a clear-cut round in the favor of Durden.  In the second round Durden gets back to his wrestling and lands a quick takedown.  Mota once again ends up on his back, but he shows no urgency to get back up.  His willingness to stay on bottom is not a good strategy when the time is ticking away, and Durden has now won two rounds with minimal resistance from Mota.  In the final round it is more of the same.  Durden lands another takedown and Mota once again finds himself on the ground and not in control.  The minutes are ticking away and there just doesn’t seem to be an answer.  As the fight comes to a close it has been a one-sided affair.  The judges agree.  Durden by unanimous decision.

Steve Garcia v. Chase Hooper

This fight was short lived but very exciting while it lasted.  Garcia comes out on a mission and super aggressive.  He starts landing hard shots right away.  Hooper gets wobbled and then dropped.  He gets back up but is dropped again.  He lays on his back to recover since Garcia wisely does not engage on the ground.  Hooper gets back up and is now dropped a third time.  Eventually the striking damage is just too much and too fast.  The referee steps in and stops the fight.  Garcia with a very impressive performance which now gets him back to his winning ways.  Garcia by first round TKO.

Jun Yong Park v. Joseph Holmes

The opening round is a back-and-forth affair.  On the feet Holmes has a huge reach advantage and is throwing a variety of strikes from distance.  Park is able to evade most of them and about halfway through the round Park is able to get the fight to the ground.  He shows nice control from top while he peppers shots and looks for submissions.  Holmes reverses in the last thirty seconds but the amount of control Park accrues prior to that may have been enough to edge the round out.  In the second round Park wastes no time taking the fight to the ground again.  He does a nice job of flowing on top and always making sure to remain in good position.  Holmes squirms from bottom and is trying to survive but he is constantly under attack.  Park continues to land shots and always search for submissions.  Eventually Park gets a choke locked up tight while Holmes is face down on the canvas.  After a couple seconds of a tight squeeze Holmes is left no choice but to tap out.  Park by second round submission.

Andrei Arlovski v. Marcos Rogerio de Lima

This fight was over very quickly.  As per usual, de Lima comes out very aggressive.  He marches forward and is throwing big shots that keep Arlovski backing up.  Eventually de Lima throws a combination and one of the heavy shots land clean.  Arlovski drops and de Lima chases him to the ground.  Arlovski is now being pressed against the fence with de Lima on top of him landing heavy strikes and searching for submissions.  Eventually de Lima locks on a partial choke and Arlovski decides to take this opportunity to get out of the fight.  He taps out quickly as it appeared to be a decision to just not take any more damage and save himself to fight another day.  Marcos Rogerio de Lima by first round submission.

Phil Hawes v. Roman Dolidze

This fight was another one that was short lived.  As the opening round begins both fighters circle each other patiently.  When Dolidze decides to throw he is throwing with full power and bad intentions.  Hawes dodges a couple of head kicks by inches and Dolidze is coming very close with several power shots.  Eventually the grappling begins, and the fight hits the floor.  While on bottom, Dolidze is throwing up submission attempts.  Hawes escapes an armbar attempt but then Dolidze latches onto a leg.  Hawes eventually escapes but his leg then buckles and was clearly compromised from the leg lock.  Dolidze notices and plots forward patiently looking for more damage.  Dolidze lands a flush punch that wobbles Hawes.  Dolidze presses Hawes to the cage and starts throwing heavy combinations.  Eventually Dolidze lands a three-punch combination and Hawes falls violently.  The image is terrible, and the fight is stopped immediately.  Dolidze by first round KO.

Dustin Jacoby v. Khalil Rountree

This fight was an excellent technical display by both fighters but another legendary decision by the judges that is highly questionable.  In the opening round Rountree is throwing with one hundred percent power and winging extremely violent shots.  Jacoby evades most of them but just barely.  Jacoby peppers the jab and straights which are adding up nice numbers and finding their target.  As the round ends Jacoby has landed a considerable amount more than Rountree.  In the second round it is more of the same.  Jacoby pressing forward and landing the higher volume while Rountree loads up and looks for knockout shots.  When Rountree misses he is off balance and out of position.  The second round feels like another comfortable winning round for Jacoby.  In the final round Rountree starts finding some momentum.  He is landing a few more shots now but when he lands, they are with much more power than Jacoby is throwing with.  As the fight finishes it feels like Rountree likely won the final round despite losing the first two.  Unfortunately for Jacoby the judges do not see it that way.  Somehow two of the judges gave Rountree one of the first two rounds as well.  Rountree by split decision.

Josh Fremd v. Tresean Gore

We once again have another very quick fight.  In the opening round the fighter’s exchange on the feet until Gore finally decides to wrestle.  We haven’t seen much of this from him in his past fights and the new wrinkle to his game is paying dividends.  Gore is in top control and landing some decent strikes from top.  During the grappling sequence a scramble takes place and out of nowhere Gore latches onto the neck.  Fremd hangs tough and tries his best to escape including jumping up and pushing off the fence with both legs.  Gore is latched on with all his might and somehow is able to keep control of the neck despite the wild movement from Fremd.  As the fight now falls back to the floor Fremd goes limp.  The referee rushes over to check on him and recognizes that Fremd is now unconscious.  The fight is stopped immediately and Gore finally gets a win in the UFC.  Gore by first round submission.

Jared Vanderaa v. Waldo Cortes-Acosta

The opening round of this fight is a clear display of aggression versus tactics.  Acosta is throwing every punch by looping his shots with full blast power.  Vanderaa stays calm, uses footwork and chips away at the leg of Acosta.  The leg kicks that land are considerable and although Vanderaa doesn’t land much else, they may have been enough to edge out the round for him.  In the second round Vanderaa stays poised and patient while Acosta stays swinging violently at his head.  Vanderaa once again dodges most of the shots while landing more and more leg kicks.  By the end of the round Acosta’s leg is now clearly damaged and bothering him.  It feels like another winning round for Vanderaa.  In the final round both fighters keep the same tactics.  Acosta is now officially frustrated as he can never find the homerun shot he’s lunging for.  Meanwhile his leg is butchered, and he continues to miss with his heavy shots.  As the fight ends it feels like another clear-cut win for Vanderaa.  Unfortunately for him, the MMA judges strike again with another very questionable decision.  Acosta by unanimous decision.

Tim Means v. Max Griffin

In the first round the fighters meet in the middle and trade only briefly before Griffin lands a flush shot that drops Means.  Griffin chases him to the ground looking for the finish but Means ties him up and buys himself time to recover.  Means then finds his way back to the feet and they once again meet in the middle to trade.  The remainder of the round is a back and forth but as the round ends it feels like Griffin has won the round.  In the second round Griffin does more good work.  He lands some more key shots and although Means is scrappy, Griffin appears to have won the second round as well.  In the final round Means come out aggressive and is immediately searching for a takedown.  Griffin defends nicely and ends up getting one of his own.  He remains in top control and peppers shots while Means tries desperately to get back up.  As the fight ends Griffin has spent a majority of the final round in top control.  This should be the final cherry on top of a fairly convincing win for Griffin.  The judges agree.  Griffin by unanimous decision.

Arnold Allen v. Calvin Kattar

The opening round of this main event is an impressive one for Allen.  Kattar is a tough fighter to look good against, but Allen finds a way by using brilliant footwork, shot selection and hand fighting.  The first couple minutes are close but as the round progresses Allen starts finding some momentum.  He lands some good shots and even rocks Kattar with one of them.  In the final thirty seconds the fight hits the ground after Kattar appears to injure his leg.  Allen jumps on top looking for the submission.  Kattar hangs tough and survives but it is a clear-cut round in the favor of Allen.  In between rounds the doctors inspect the injured leg of Kattar but he is allowed to continue.  In the second-round disaster strikes for Kattar.  In the first ten seconds the leg of Kattar buckles badly again but and this time the referee calls off the fight.  It is an unfortunate ending for Kattar but a nice win for Allen who was clearly looking brilliant.  Allen by second round TKO due to stoppage.

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