EBI 20 Live Results and Bracket Updates

Jiu-jitsu fans and practitioners were all hyped when the Eddie Bravo Invitational announced it would resume events in 2020 and it delivered with the action-packed EBI 19 earlier this year!

EBI returns Sunday, October 23rd with the Absolutes, live from the Speaking Rock Center in El Paso, Texas.

The 16-man absolute weight bracket is under EBI rules (as per usual) with the winner being awarded $50,000! The bracket is star-studded with names like ADCC champion Giancarlo Bodoni and Luke Griffith from New Wave Jiu-Jitsu along with Nick Rodriguez from The B-Team and Kyle Boehm of 10th Planet!

The event also features special matches in between tournament rounds, view the full card bracket below! Stay tuned to this page for live results, round-by-round!

First Round

Nick Rodriguez vs. Ezequiel Zurita

Nick Rodriguez def. Ezequiel Zurita by Submission (Reverse Triangle, Regulation)

Luke Griffith vs. Franco Pana

Luke Griffith def. Franco Pana by Submission (Smother Choke, Regulation)

Andrew Kimler vs. Maxim Cote

Andrew Kimler def. Maxim Cote by Submission (Heel Hook, Regulation)

Giancarlo Bodoni vs. Austin Baker

2022 ADCC Champion Giancarlo Bodoni makes his way to the next round of the tournament after three overtime rounds, earning the win over Baker with the shorter escape time.

Giancarlo Bodoni def. Austin Baker by Escape Time in Overtime

Kyle Boehm vs. Travis Moore

Early favorite Kyle Boehm gets a quick entry into the quarterfinals with a submission in under a minute.

Kyle Boehm def. Travis Moore by Submission (Heel Hook, Regulation)

Roosevelt Souza vs. Angel Lugo

Roosevelt Souza def. Angel Lugo by Submission (Inside Heel Hook, Regulation)

David Vieira vs. Pat Shahgoli

16-year-old Pat Shahgoli makes his way to the Quarterfinals with a quick leg lock. “The Adult Slayer” earned his spot in the tournament through a 16-man tournament within the 10th Planet system.

Pat Shahgoli def. David Vieira by Submission (Inside Heel Hook, Regulation)

Dan Martinez vs. Andre Porfirio

Andre Porfirio def. Dan Martinez by Submission (Straight Ankle Lock, Regulation)

Special Match

Sam Barbosa vs. Mario Gonzalez

Mario Gonzalez def. Sam Barbosa by Submission (Armbar, Overtime Round 2)


* Note: Giancarlo Bodoni was forced out of the tournament, with Austin Baker taking his place opposite Andrew Kimler.

Nick Rodriguez vs. Luke Griffith

We saw The B-Team/New Wave rivalry on full display in our first quarterfinal. Regulation time was well contested, with Nicky Rod repeatedly advancing to half guard and mount before Griffith refound his guard. After a quick escape in the first half of the overtime round, Rodriguez quickly finished the armbar to advance to the semis.

Nick Rodriguez def. Luke Griffith by Submission (Armbar, Overtime Round 1)

Andrew Kimler vs. Austin Baker*

After suffering a loss to Giancarlo Bodoni in the first round, Austin Baker got a second chance when Bodoni was unable to continue. After a competitive start, Baker snatched up an armbar three minutes in to continue his comeback run in the semifinals.

Austin Baker def. Andrew Kimler by Submission (Armbar, Regulation)

Kyle Boehm vs. Roosevelt Souza

Kyle Boehm continued his undefeated black belt run under the EBI ruleset with a heel hook.

Kyle Boehm def. Roosevelt Souza by Submission (Heel Hook, Regulation)

Pat Shahgoli vs. Andre Porfirio

Pat Shihgoli returned, once again hunting leg locks with reckless abandon, all to cheers from the crowd. This match was incredible, with both chasing leg locks while defending their own, extending the match to the overtime rounds. Porfirio narrowly won out on escape time, despite some of the wildest scrambles we’ve seen in EBI competition, to move onto the semi-finals.

Andre Porfirio def. Pat Shihgoli by Escape Time in Overtime

Special Match

Fedor Nikolov vs. Maxim Cote

Maxim Cote def. Fedor Nikolov by Escape Time in Overtime


Nick Rodriguez vs. Austin Baker

Nick Rodriguez def. Austin Baker by Submission (Triangle Choke, Regulation)

Kyle Boehm vs. Andre Porfirio

Kyle Boehm def. Andre Porfirio by Submission (Rear Naked Choke, Regulation)

Special Match

Paola Ambriz vs. Mercedes White

Mercedes White def. Paolo Ambriz by Quickest Submission (Armbar, Overtime)


Nick Rodriguez vs. Kyle Boehm

Nick Rodriguez def. Kyle Boehm by Submission (Rear Naked Choke, Overtime)

EBI Absolute Champion

Nick Rodriguez

Eddie Bravo teased an upcoming Combat World Jiu-Jitsu Team Duel on December 18th, featuring teams like 10th Planet, Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha, and even the Nick Diaz Army! In addition, he is bringing a Combat Jiu-Jitsu event to Brazil in early 2023!

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