UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs. Emmett

Kyle Daukaus v. Roman Dolidze

This fight was a very short lived affair to start off the night. Dolidze comes out like a bullet and starts off really fast. During one of the first exchanges there is an accidental head butt by Dolidze. Daukaus doesn’t take very much time to recover which may have had a slight effect on what followed. As soon as the fight resumes Dolidze starts dominating immediately. He lands a left hook that drops Daukaus. Dolidze rushes after and starts throwing fast follow up shots as Daukaus is quickly scrambling along the fence to get back on his feet. Once he gets back up Dolidze is clinching and as Daukaus is slightly ducking down Dolidze throws a blistering knee that goes very high and catches Daukaus flush on the face. Daukaus drops once again but this time he shells up and defends showing no intentions of trying to get back up this time. He takes a few more follow up shots and once the referee sees his body language he is left no choice but to immediately stop the fight. A very surprising and impressive dominant win for the underdog in this fight. Dolidze by first round TKO.

Phil Hawes v. Deron Winn

This fight was all action and was an absolute one sided affair. Hawes has always been an impressive fighter who has had a lot of hype behind him but this fight was by far the best he’s ever looked and will no doubt raise his status even further. From the very beginning Hawes was landing flush straight punches and elbows. The more the fight went on the more flush shots continued to land. Winn was bleeding badly and his face was swelling up quickly. After a completely dominant round and at least twenty flush shots, Winn somehow survives the first round despite being wobbled on several occasions. In the second round Winn comes back out and his eye is almost swollen shut. Hawes gets right back to work. He immediately starts landing flush straight rights and nonstop elbows. It starts getting to the point where the audience can’t help but marvel at the toughness of Winn. However, anytime people are talking about your toughness it’s not a good sign. The beating just continues more and more and Herb Dean is looking intently on several occasions. There are various instances where it feels like a stoppage would be completely justified. The referee allows the beating to continue and unfortunately for Winn, his toughness is now starting to become a problem. Hawes lands flush shot after flush shot and finally Hawes wobbles Winn yet again. This is finally the time the referee starts looking really serious about the stoppage. Hawes follows Winn to the cage and lands a few more flush elbows and the fight is finally stopped. An absolute show of pure domination by Hawes and a terrible beating for Winn. Hawes by second round TKO.

Cody Stamann v. Eddie Wineland

The finishes are happening so fast on this event. Yet another fight that only lasted minutes. Stamann comes out like a lightning bolt and immediately starts damaging Wineland in very dramatic fashion. His first damaging shot is a right hand behind the ear that immediately wobbles Wineland. He’s stumbling around and Stamann turns up the intensity which never allows Wineland to recover. He lands a few more shots and Wineland is somehow able to get back up. He only stands up to just take more flush punches and devastating elbows. This becomes another situation where you’re expecting the referee to stop the fight any minute. Unfortunately for Wineland the stoppage doesn’t come immediately and it’s just another instance where the fighter is taking far too much damage. It gets to the point where Stamann is saying “what are we doing” to the referee while throwing devastating shot after shot. After far too much damage the referee finally steps in. Another beautiful performance for Stamann and an absolutely terrible showing for Wineland where he never really was able to get going. Stamann by first round TKO.

Gloria de Paula v. Maria Oliveira

Oliveira starts this fight at full throttle. She wastes no time and immediately starts blitzing across the cage and throwing 5 and 6 punch combinations. There are even times when she’s walking forward and throwing as many as 10 punch combos. De Paula stays patient though and doesn’t get overwhelmed. She stays tight in her defense and is focusing more on being economical with her striking. Oliveira is expending a lot of energy and throwing a lot of volume but not all is landing. By the end of the round Oliveira seems to be slightly fatigued, which is understandable. In the second round de Paula starts finding the timing and is now gaining some momentum. Oliveira starts finding her moments again later in the round. In the final 30 seconds de Paula lands a takedown which could have been just enough to steal the round for her. Going into the final round the fight could very well be tied at one round a piece. About half way through the final round Oliveira gets a very important takedown. The takedown is only for about 15 seconds but it could go a long way in a fight that is so closely contested. As the round is in the final minute Oliveira is now very clearly fatigued. Her punches are getting much slower and she smartly gets another takedown. The fight ends on the ground with both fighters holding each other tightly neutralizing either of them from being able to throw any strikes. It was a close fight but in the end the judges felt that it was Maria Oliveira who had done just enough. Oliveira by split decision.

Danny Chavez v. Ricardo Ramos

Well here we are with yet another short lived fight. As the first round begins, the two fighters begin exchanging and it becomes quickly apparent that Chavez has a clear speed advantage. He lands some good jabs and then an absolutely blistering leg kick. Ramos remains calm and is careful picking his counter strikes. Ramos starts landing some decent shots of his own and as Chavez is backing up Ramos follows him to the cage. As the back of Chavez has his back against the cage Ramos ducks down and comes back up with a spinning elbow that lands flush. Chavez never saw it coming. The shot lands flush and Chavez is so out of it that he’s just standing in place completely dazed almost like in a video game. This allows Ramos to throw follow up shots that were completely free shots. Chavez drops and the referee rushes over to stop the fight. Another fight that lasted only minutes and another very impressive win. Ramos by first round KO.

Jeremiah Wells v. Court McGee

Something is in the air tonight for this card. We once again have a fight that’s over in minutes. In this fight McGee is pressing forward calmly as he usually does in his fights. It appears he is inching forward to close the distance and eventually get to his wrestling takedowns. Wells coils back like a snake and then blitzes forward with lightning speed showing his extreme explosiveness. McGee is able to evade, this time. The explosions are showing the clear speed advantage that Wells is going to have in this fight. McGee is does not appear to be spooked and continues to press forward cautiously. Wells backs up slowly and once again coils up like a snake. He blitzes forward again but this time he lands flush on the chin of McGee sending him falling backward stiff. The fall is almost like someone fainting straight backwards. McGee is out before he even hits the canvas but unfortunately for McGee Wells rushes after him and lands two more devastating flush shots that are highly unnecessary. The referee rushes over to pull him off and we have yet another fight that lasts only about a minute. Wells by first round KO.

Jasmine Jasudavicius v. Natalia Silva

In the opening round Silva is looking phenomenal. Her striking is so crispy, precise and fast. She lights Jasudavicius up with fast punches and even faster kicks. The speed at which she can get her kicks up to the head of Jasudavicius is extremely impressive. Silva also lands lightning fast body kicks. Eventually Jasudavicius has had enough and finally decides to lunge in for the body clinch to try and implement her wrestling. Silva is able to fight off the takedowns though and eventually escapes the grasp of Jasudavicius. From there Silva gets right back to work with her superior striking. Jasudavicius tries another takedown attempt towards the end of the round and it is once again fought off by Silva. A clear winning round for Silva. In the second round Jasudavicius clinches early this time and has her takedown attempts stuffed yet again. In fact, Silva ends up using a judo toss and violently slams Jasudavicius instead. As the round progresses it is just more and more displays of Silva’s superior skills. She dominates Jasudavicius in every aspect. Going into the final round Silva is very clearly up two round to zero. In the third round Jasudavicius continues to walk forward carelessly and get lit up. This entire fight she is basically just target practice for Silva. It is yet another clear cut round for Silva. This fight was a showcase of absolutely dominance and pure skill superiority in the favor of Silva. What a performance. Silva by unanimous decision.

Adrian Yanez v. Tony Kelley

These two fighters entered the cage with a lot of heat on this fight. They had been barking at each other all week leading up to the fight. As the fight begins Kelley walks forward with heavy pressure, as per usual. Yanez stays back and stays a poised counter striker, as per usual. As the fighters start landing on each other Kelley starts talking trash inside the cage and flipping off Yanez. Kelley is trying to get Yanez off his game and wants him to fight angry. Yanez is not falling for it. Yanez stays poised and starts landing more and more. He wobbles Kelley and the crowd erupts as they cheer on their local fighter. Kelley starts throwing back and is somehow able to find his bearings once again. Kelley once again starts marching forward bringing the pressure. Yanez lands flush again and wobbles Kelley once again. The crowd is deafening at this point as Yanez starts landing flush shots one after another. Kelley drops and is trying to survive while getting hit repeatedly. Yanez senses the referee about to stop the fight so he tries to land as many follow up shots as possible until the referee has to push him away. Yanez is still throwing and trying to sneak in shots even when the referee does finally step in. The crowd is on their feet and the controversial heel that is Tony Kelley has been slayed. A very exciting and emphatic win for Yanez in his hometown. Yanez by first round TKO.

Julian Marquez v. Gregory Rodrigues

Well, once again we have another high action fight that only lasts minutes. There is definitely something in the water tonight in Austin, Texas. The fighters meet in the middle and start slugging it out immediately. When Rodrigues throws it is with terrifying power and bad intentions. Marquez is getting hit with hard core power but then is able to dodge the finishing blow. The crowd is erupting again and Rodrigues is marching forward throwing nothing but bombs. Marquez is eventually hit flush and wobbled badly. Rodrigues lands follow up blows and Marquez is flopping all over the cage trying to survive. Rodrigues continues to hunt throwing bombs with no regard for anything that could potentially come back at him. For how bad Marquez is hurt and how many times he is hit, it is pretty impressive how long he is able to survive while being basically out on his feet. The referee is on his tippy toes and is lunging in and out trying to decide whether or not to stop the fight. He allows Marquez every opportunity and then some. Marquez needs to clinch but instead he’s wobbling around trying to occasionally throw something back. This is always the famous last mistake for every wobbled fighter. Eventually the knockout blow is landed and the referee has no more things to ponder. He rushes in and waves off the fight. Another insane first round finish that basically just felt like a wild bar fight. The crowd is getting way beyond their money’s worth tonight. Rodrigues by first round KO.

Damir Ismagulov v. Guram Kutateladze

This fight featured a pair of highly skilled fighters who are guaranteed to have a number next to their name somewhere down the road. Ismagulov comes into the fight undefeated in the UFC. Kutateladze comes in after being the only fighter to ever beat Mateusz Gamrot in his 20-1 record. As the opening round begins to play out it is clear that these fighters are very evenly matched. Kutateladze has the far superior kicks while Ismagulov has the superior jabs. Kutateladze starts giving Ismagulov some serious problems in the first round and it is the first time we have ever seem him seriously challenged like this. Kutateladze lands the better shots and by the end of the round it appears that he has won the round. In the second round Ismagulov starts finding his rhythm with the jabs. When the unofficial numbers are shown after the round it appears that Ismagulov may have landed the greater amount by a few. In the third round it is yet another very competitive round. Both fighters attempt occasional takedowns but neither are ever able to land anything and keep it. Kutateladze continues to land vicious kicks while Ismagulov lands very strong and repetitive jabs. By the end of the round Kutateladze’s face is busted up pretty good but Ismagulov has been seriously challenged. When the judges score cards are ready they are completely varied as per usual with our very drunk MMA judges. One judge has the fight 29-28 for Kutateladze, another judge has it 30-27 for Ismagulov (which is just ridiculous) and the third judge has it 29-28 for Ismagulov. It feels like he may have got away with one on in this fight but nonetheless, he keeps his undefeated record in the UFC. Ismagulov by unanimous decision.

Joaquin Buckley v. Albert Duraev

This fight lasts a little bit longer but is yet another fight that doesn’t go the full distance. These two fighters come into this bout as former training partners who have showed a bit of animosity during the leadup. As the fight begins Buckley starts throwing his usual full power shots. Duraev evades by the strikes are coming dangerously close. As the round is progressing it is surprising that Duraev is choosing to not use his wrestling until later in the fight. This proves to be a mistake though as Buckley starts landing flush shots and accruing damage on the face and body of Duraev. On more than one occasion Duraev is rocked in the first round. He is able to survive the round but some damage has already taken place. In the second round Duraev finally starts his wrestling. He is able to land a couple takedowns but for the most part Buckley is able to get back up with minimal damage. Later in the round Duraev gets caught on the way in for a takedown and this shot swells his eye up extremely bad. He later gets a takedown and is able to control Buckley the best he has been able to up to this point. Despite this he doesn’t really land much damage. In between rounds the corner of Duraev is working on his swollen eye to try and improve the swelling. They have absolutely no luck. Going into the third round the referee brings in the doctor to check out the eye of Duraev. It is determined that he cannot see any at all out of that eye due to the swelling. The fight is called off. Buckley by second round TKO due to doctor stoppage.

Tim Means v. Kevin Holland

Holland comes into this fight after a tough but successful debut fight in the welterweight division. He appears to have dialed in the weight but better this time and looks sharp and fit. The striking exchanges begin and it quickly becomes apparent that Holland has the speed advantage. Holland begins throwing straight punches and wild hooks that are giving Means some clear concern. After Holland does some good work on the feet, Means eventually decides to clinch and go for a takedown attempt. He completes the takedown but Holland shows urgency and gets right back up. Holland lands a couple more flush shots and wobbles Means. A good first round for both fighters but a clear winning round for Holland. In the second round Holland gets right back to utilizing his reach and speed advantage. He begins landing flush shots again and Means starts to look worried. Means stays aggressive and shows his survival instincts but he eventually walks into a blistering straight right punch that knocks him down violently. Holland rushes after him to throw follow up shots but quickly sees his chance for a submission. He snatches up the neck quickly with a darce choke and within seconds Means is forced to tap out. The crowd erupts. A very impressive win for Holland that now makes two in a row in his new division. Holland by second round submission.

Calvin Kattar v. Josh Emmett

In the first round of this main event Emmett comes out and starts throwing his shots with everything he has. This is par for the course in Emmett fights but initially he is not landing much. He eventually does start to land and when he does the power is extremely evident. Kattar starts pumping the jab but he does it very carefully and not very often. He seems to be very aware that Emmett is most dangerous in the first round and appears to be waiting for later in the fight to get going. The first round comes to a close and it was very competitive, it may have gone slightly to Emmett though in the judges eyes. In the second round Kattar really starts getting his jab going. He starts pumping it frequently and is giving Emmett problems every time he tries to enter. The jab starts busting up the face of Emmett who is still only looking for power shots. He lands his power occasionally but the second round appears to go to Kattar due to sheer volume of the jab. In the third round both fighters start to really accrue damage. Emmett’s face continues to eat numerous jabs and by the end of the round he is now very busted up. However, in the final ten seconds Emmett lands a blistering left hook that immediately brings blood from the face of Kattar. Another very close round that will be tough to score. In the fourth round Kattar out lands Emmett by a considerable amount. Emmett once again lands some power shots but they are much fewer than the constant and accruing shots from Kattar. Going into the final round it could very well be a tied fight. Unfortunately for Emmett his corner has been telling him he’s up three rounds to one. This is dangerous as it appears they may be wrong in their assessment. Emmett in the final round should probably be going for a finish. Instead he does not and once again gets out pointed by Kattar. The jabs, footwork and patience of Kattar appear to win him the final round. In the end, the judges felt that it was the more powerful shots landed by Emmett that deserved the nod despite the heavier volume of Kattar. Emmett by split decision.

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