UFC Fight Night: Font v. Vera Results and Play by Plays

Gina Mazany v. Shanna Young

The opening round of this bout was more striking than expected. Usually Mazany is known for nonstop wrestling but for the most part she stuck to the standup in this round. She did have one takedown attempt but Young defended well. Both fighters did well with their jab as well as straight rights that followed the jab. Occasional kicks were also landed but the best strike of the round was when Mazany landed a flush knee up the middle which wobbled Young. In the second round Mazany picks up the grappling more but surprisingly Young was eager to show how much she has improved in grappling herself. As Mazany tried several different trips and judo throws Young was able to constantly defend and at times even reverse. In fact, as the round progressed, Young even takes the back of Mazany and is able to flatten her out face down on the canvas. As young is on her back in full mount she’s raining down blows nonstop and undefended by Mazany. As the referee leans in and starts warning Mazany to defend herself, she is unable to do anything to improve her position or defend at all. After continued hard punches and elbows the referee has no choice but to stop the fight. Not only a very impressive win, but an actual finish to possible save Young’s spot on the roster with the UFC. Young by TKO.

Mike Breeden v. Natan Levy

The opening round of this fight was all action. Both of these fighters are known for being highly aggressive, especially in the first round. The minute the round begins they start exchanging immediately with full power strikes intended to destroy. Both fighters have success but both fighters also demonstrate their chin and durability. For the most part it is Breeden who is the aggressor marching forward. But Levy seems okay to fade back and throw blistering counter strikes. Levy comes dangerously close to landing a head kick on several occasions. Breeden is relentless in throwing heavy combinations while walking forward. Towards the end of the round Levy lands a takedown followed by some devastating knees to the body while Breeden was on all fours. A very close round and plenty of damage landed for both fighters. In the second round they waste no time at all and get right back to extreme violence immediately. Levy lands another takedown which Breeden is able to get right back up but then Levy takes him down quickly again. This is a grueling pace which can start to wear on Breeden being the fighter carrying Levy’s weight and being thrown up and down continuously. As the round nears the end this nonstop heavy pace is starting to fatigue Breeden heavily. Levy continues the relentless pressure and his strikes are starting to add up. Breeden survives the round but the momentum is definitely starting to swing in Levy’s favor. In the final round Breeden comes out with a fury. It appears that he feels he needs a finish and that the rest in between rounds did wonders for his rejuvenation. He presses forward with relentless pressure and now Levy is starting to fade. Breeden starts landing a high amount of body shots that only exhaust Levy even more. Just as Breeden’s momentum is pouring on and Levy looks like he might not make it out of the round he gets a second wind. He then lands some flush shots that wobble Breeden. Levy now pours on his offense and walks forward with Breeden appearing to be the more compromised fighter now. The final 30 seconds is two exhausted fighters throwing hard labored shots while both are struggling to survive. An absolutely great fight with nonstop action but in the end, the judges felt that it was Levy who had done enough. Levy by unanimous decision.

Yohan Lainesse v. Gabe Green

This fight was another one that was all action in the opening round. In the opening minute Lainesse was intent on throwing all kicks. He blistered the body and legs of Green with kick after kick. Eventually Green starts marching forward and getting on the inside to crowd the kicks but now he’s susceptible to the blistering punches of Lainesse. Green’s forward momentum eventually resulting in some success for him as he’s able to start landing some good strikes of his own. For the most part it is a back and forth round until Green finally starts getting a slight edge with his forward pressure. Smartly, Lainesse then switches everything up and gets a quick takedown that catches Green off guard. From there he controls Green and lands some good ground strikes. This takedown and control may have been enough to win him the first round. In the second round Green continues his marching forward which continues to start to cause problems for Lainesse. Just when Lainesse seems to be in trouble he lands a flush shot that drops Green. Lainesse follows him to the ground but Green stays composed, recovers and works his way back to the feet. From there Green resumes his marching forward which once again starts causing problems for Lainesse. Towards the end of the round Lainesse seems to hit a brick wall with his cardio. He clearly seems gassed and is looking up at the clock nonstop while throwing winging shots that keep missing. He tries to hang on but Green keeps up with the relentless pressure and Lainesse is melting by the second. With the round coming to a close Green drops Lainesse who stays on the ground and takes shot after shot while showing no intention or energy to get up. The referee sees this and can clearly see that Lainesse is finished. The fight is stopped. Green by second round TKO.

Daniel da Silva v. Francisco Figueiredo

This fight was very short lived. Figueiredo comes out throwing peppering shots to start the fight while da Silva remains calm and measures distance. When da Silva finally decides to strike he throws a spinning heel kick that hits Figueiredo in the throat on only his second strike. As Figueiredo starts to press forward da Silva ducks under and gets a very quick takedown with authority. He lands a strike or two until Figueiredo throws up a partial triangle attempt forcing da Silva to quickly scramble out. As he tries to push away, Figueiredo holds one of his legs to keep him from pushing off and then quickly latches onto the other leg. While holding this other leg he quickly throws it into a knee bar with lightning speed. Da Silva tries to throw a punch but within one second he realizes there is no hope as he feels his knee under intense pressure. He is left no choice but to tap out immediately. Figueiredo with an impressive and very rare knee bar finish at only one minute and twelve seconds into the fight. Figueiredo by first round submission.

Alexandr Romanov v. Chase Sherman

As expected, this fight was very short lived which is on par with all of Romanov’s UFC fights. Romanov comes into this fight displaying a very noticeable body transformation. A more trim, faster and healthier Romanov is a horrifying concept. The opening round starts and Sherman throws a jab or two to establish distance. Without even setting it up and without trying to disguise it any way, Romanov shoots from across the cage and lands a commanding takedown. Surprisingly, Sherman is able to eventually work his way back to his feet but Romanov makes him regret not just staying on the ground. Romanov picks Sherman up like a child and suplexes him so hard onto the canvas that the entire cage shakes. From there Romanov starts landing vicious ground strikes and constantly working to improve his position. He eventually is able to get into full mount and start raining down his usual donkey-kong strikes. Sherman wiggles underneath and tries to survive until Romanov latches onto one of Sherman’s arms. With his goliath strength, he puts an Americana submission hold onto Sherman’s arm and he immediately is forced to tap out in fear of losing his arm forever. Another extremely dominant and impressive performance for Romanov. Romanov by first round submission.

Gerald Meerschaert v. Krzysztof Jotko

The opening round of this fight was all Jotko. Every time that Meerschaert tries to strike he lunges in slowly with sloppy strikes and his chin up. Jotko counters with laser precision and speed. The exchanges show a clear discrepancy in skill between the two fighters as well as a huge speed difference. Meerschaert excels in the grappling but unfortunately for him, the opening round is all striking and clearly won by Jotko. In the second round Meerschaert tries to force the grappling exchanges much sooner but Jotko does a good job at defending. Jotko continues to land and win all the exchanges on the feet. With a minute left in the round Jotko tempts fate and decides to take Meerschaert to the ground. He lands ground strikes from top control and Meerschaert tries a couple of submission attempts but they are quickly shaken off. Another round clearly won by Jotko. In the final round Jotko continues to engage in the ground play and although Meerschaert continues to try various submission attempts, Jotko always seems one step ahead. Every time the fight resumes on the feet Jotko has the edge in skill and speed by a wide margin. The third round is another very clear cut winning round for Jotko. This entire fight was also very clear cut with Jotko taking every round with ease. Jotko by unanimous decision.

Darren Elkins v. Tristan Connelly

The opening round of this fight was all Elkins. As per usual, Elkins wins the round with relentless attacks and nonstop wrestling. Connelly does a good job to always fight back and defend himself well on the ground. Every submission attempt Elkins tries comes up short due to the awareness and skill of Connelly. Regardless of Connelly’s defense though, Elkins dominates him in every way through sheer cardio, pace and wrestling. A clear cut winning round for Elkins. In the second round Elkins picks up right where he left off. Connelly has a much better round though and starts landing some good shots and even forcing some clinch battles and grappling himself. The majority of the round is once again won by Elkins but in the final minute Connelly definitely starts coming on and probably even wins the final minute. Going into the final round Elkins may be up two rounds to zero. The more this fight presses on though the more impressive Connelly becomes. Very few fighters have ever been able to match Elkins in heart, cardio and pace but Connelly is right there every step of the way. In the final few minutes Elkins finally gets a takedown where he is able to control for a considerate amount of time. He takes the back of Connelly and gets the body lock keeping Connelly from escaping. From there Elkins threatens rear naked chokes and lands punch after punch from behind. Connelly never gives up though and keeps fighting off the submissions while throwing punches behind his head. As the fight comes to an end it now looks like a usual Elkins fight. Both fighters are bleeding everywhere, both fighters are exhausted and both have been tested. Another great fight to add to the long resume of great Darren Elkins fights. Although it was competitive, the judges felt that Elkins had done enough to win every round. Elkins by unanimous decision.

Jared Gordon v. Grant Dawson

The opening round of this fight looked like a normal Grand Dawson fight. The fighters meet in the middle and exchange strikes for a bit and then Dawson quickly gets the takedown and starts to go to work. Gordon is formidable in this fight and always fights well against the things Dawson is doing but Dawson is always one step ahead. Eventually Dawson takes the back and that is always the worst possible place to be with Dawson. He dominates the entire remainder of the round on the back while threatening submissions and landing punch after punch from behind. Gordon is clearly frustrated but can do nothing to escape. A very clear cut winning round for Dawson. In the second round Dawson lands a takedown much quicker this time and takes the back once again. He dominates the second round even more than the first. He lands nonstop ground strikes and continues to threaten submissions. Another very clear cut winning round for Dawson. In the final round Dawson starts to fade which has become kind of a recurring theme for him in the third round. Gordon presses forward with constant pressure and forces the issue making Dawson continue to work while being fatigued. As Gordon starts building momentum and is possibly even taking control of the fight, Gordon makes a mistake following Dawson to the ground after a slip. Dawson grabs ahold of the leg and once again is able to work his way to the back. Although exhausted and fading, Dawson is able a choke that this time Gordon is unable to escape. After a few seconds of the choke Gordon chooses to tap out. Dawson by third round submission.

Andre Fili v. Joanderson Brito

This was yet another short lived fight. Brito comes into this fight a considerable underdog but apparently he did not get that memo. He comes out and lands a quick flush calf kick that gets Fili’s attention. Fili is throwing quick straight jabs utilizing his length but Brito steps aside and lands another flush calf kick. Fili starts throwing more jabs and harder hooks now trying to get some respect. Brito meets the aggression of Fili with even more aggression. He starts pushing Fili back and when they circle back to the middle of the cage Fili tries to come in with another hard combination. Unfortunately for Fili, he is hit flush with an overhand right from Brito that drops him immediately. Brito rushes to stand over Fili while throwing punch after punch with lightning speed to an already grounded and compromised Fili. He tries to squirm and survive but the attack is just too fast and too intense. Referee Herb Dean steps in and stops the fight right away. Another very impressive first round finish to add to all the others on the night. Brito by first round TKO.

Jake Collier v. Andrei Arlovski

The opening round of this bout showed Collier trying to be the first to throw in the striking exchanges. Arlovski was poised and seemed to be okay with being the evasive counter striker. Usually Arlovski has the speed advantage in his heavyweight fights but Collier, being the former middleweight, also proved to have very good speed also. As the opening round progressed, Collier had the higher output although the actual landed strikes remained pretty close. Still, it appeared that Collier had done enough to win the first. In the second round Arlovski started picking up his volume while Collier kept his already high output going. At times Collier would go to the clinch and force Arlovski’s back to the cage. From there Collier would throw punches and elbows on the inside while sprinkling in some knees to the body as well. When the fighters would resume in the middle Arlovski started landing some really good jabs with some occasional straight rights as well. The second round was much closer and could’ve gone to either fighter. In the final round Arlovski continued with his increased output and although Collier was still the aggressor, he did finally start showing some slight signs of fatigue. Collier continued with the clinching attempts and Arlovski continued with the stiff jabs. Arlovski also started mixing in some good kicks up the middle that would sometimes land and catch Collier off guard. The final round was another close one and by the end of the fight both fighters are bloodied. The judges did not disagree with each other but in the end, two of them felt it was Arlovski who had done just enough. Arlovski by split decision.

Rob Font v. Marlon Vera

The opening round of this main event was mostly Font. Vera is known to be somewhat of a slow starter and although he was out struck considerably, he landed several very devastating and crucial calf kicks. Font landed several flush punches to the head and body of Vera but none of them seemed to bother him a bit. The round was clearly won by Font but the best work might’ve actually been done by Vera due to how damaging those calf kicks can be and how much dividends they can pay later in the fight. In the second round Vera has a much better round but Font is right there with him continuing to land brutal punches. The boxing prowess of Font is very evident but Vera takes the shots like a champ and continues with his devastating kicks. Towards the end of the round Vera lands a punch that drops Font. Vera rains down follow up shots to an already wounded Font but with time expiring, Font is able to squirm just enough to survive the round. Another close round but Vera may have stole it at the end. The third round was yet another very close round. Font, although battered, bruised and bleeding, continues to march forward with relentless pressure. He throws the much higher volume and also lands the higher volume. Vera however, lands the more devastating strikes when he lands. Once again at the end of the round Vera hurts Font badly. Vera lands a brutal knee right up the middle to the face of Font that drops him instantly. Vera pours on the ground strikes to follow up but once again Font is able to squirm just enough to somehow survive the last few seconds and make it out of the round. As Font wobbles to his corner is clearly hurt extremely badly. He is cut, he is bruised, he is limping, but the fight continues. In the fourth round Font somehow comes out seeming somewhat renewed. Unfortunately for Font, this may have been the worst round yet for him in terms of damage. He does well for most of the round continuing to land beautiful hard and clean strikes but no matter what he does he just cannot seem to effect Vera. Then later in the round, as seeming to be the theme, Vera once again lands flush and drops Font brutally. The referee rushes over seeming ready to stop the fight but instead of following up with a Flurry, this time Vera just stands over kicking his legs occasionally. He gives Font all the time in the world to recover when all he had to do was land another strike or two. The referee would’ve stopped the fight quickly. It’s almost as if Vera is playing with his food. In the final round Font continues to press forward and bring the aggression. He continues to land plenty of strikes to be proud of but no matter what he does he just can’t seem to inflict any damage on Vera. As the round progresses Vera once again lands flush and drops Font again. Font survives again somehow but as the fight comes to an end. Vera was out landed in strikes but yet he has almost zero damage on his face. Meanwhile, his opponent Rob Font, was one of the most battered fighters we have ever seen to survive a fight. He had dents on his head, he had several cuts, he had a terrible black eye, he had a huge contusion on the top of his head, he had a huge welt on his leg. Parts of his forehead were completely swollen. It was almost hard to watch. Although it was an incredible display of toughness by Font, is was an even more incredible display of dominance by Vera. Vera by unanimous decision.

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