UFC Fight Night: Lemos vs. Andrade Results and Play by Plays

Dean Barry v. Mike Jackson

Barry makes his long awaited debut into the UFC for this fight. Jackson comes back into the UFC after being gone for several years. Jackson was highly disrespected by the odds makers and was the biggest underdog on the entire preliminary card. As the fight begins Barry is being very eager and is throwing ill advised winging shots in the form of overhand rights. About halfway through the round Barry lands a blistering spinning kick to the cup that lands flush. The fight is immediately paused as Jackson is apparent agony. After a couple minutes of recovery time and a stern warning to Barry the fight is resumed. Barry gets right back to his high aggression but seems to be just slightly more poised. He begins to land solid shots and even rocks Jackson at one point but unfortunately, Barry fouls again in the form of a highly dangerous eye poke. In watching the replay the eye poke looks very bad and after another pause in the action the fight is called off. Barry is deemed the loser by disqualification and Jackson has now just pulled off a huge upset for any gamblers who may have placed money on him. Not a great fight for either fighter but with multiple bad fouls it can only be expected. Jackson by first round disqualification.

Marcin Prachnio v. Philipe Lins

Lins is another fighter on the card tonight who has been away for a long time. He comes back against Prachnio who had a very rocky start in the UFC but has now started to put things together and has picked up a couple of consecutive wins. In the opening round the fighters take their time feeling each other out but after a couple of minutes Lins gets his first takedown, which he said would be part of his strategy for this fight. Prachnio is able to eventually work his way back to his feet with minimal damage. The fighters continue to exchange strikes on the feet and in the final 90 seconds Lins attempts two more takedown attempts which both end up unsuccessful. In the second round the fighters start getting into wild striking exchanges. They both just bite down on their mouth pieces and are throwing with wild intensity. Each fighter lands hard shots and Lins comes out of the exchanges with a cut on his left cheek. Prachnio now appears to be very fatigued though. As Lins pursues his tired opponent Prachnio lands another good shot that briefly drops Lins. In the final two minutes the fighters spend a good amount of time clinch fighting on the cage. As the round comes to a close both fighters are tired but Lins appears to be the fresher of the two. In the third round Lins is able to get a takedown within the first 30 seconds. Prachnio, being much more tired at this point in the fight, struggles to get back up this time but he is able to do it. Lins keeps the clinch and lands punches and knees while Prachnio has his back against the cage. Lins lands two more takedowns within the next two minutes but Prachnio is able to work back up once again. In the final minute Lins forces continues to force the grappling and has Prachnio spending the final minute completely neutralized trying to fight off the body lock. An exciting fight that is competitive but in the end the judges felt that it was Lins who had done enough. Lins by unanimous decision.

Preston Parsons v. Evan Elder

The opening round of this fight is all action. Both fighters waste no time and get to swinging immediately. Elder makes the mistake of throwing a spinning back fast very early in the fight which misses and ends up causing him to be taken down by Parsons. After a bit of an awkward grappling struggle Elder actually ends up on top. Parsons works his way back to his feet and neither fighter has suffered much damage. As they resume trading strikes on the feet both fighters land and find occasional success. Towards the end of the round Parsons is able to land another takedown and land some damaging strikes that open a cut on the face of Elder. As the round comes to an end Parsons also puts Elder in a head and arm choke although there was not enough time to complete the submission. In the second round Parsons gets another quick takedown. Parsons is the natural welterweight while Elder is a more natural lightweight and the strength advantage is starting to cause problems for Elder. Elder continues to struggle and never gives up on the ground but Parsons is landing more damaging elbows and is starting to run away with this fight. Parsons once again locks in another choke while Elder can be heard gargling and struggling to breathe. Surprisingly though, Elder never gives up and once again is able to reverse the position. The heart in Elder is something to behold and will no doubt win him some fans in this impressive UFC debut. In the final round Elder continues to impress even though he is clearly losing the fight. He continues to hold his own against his larger and more strong opponent. One of the most notable things in Elder’s game is his cardio. He continues to fight off his stronger opponent and come up with answers to everything, despite being completely out matched. In the final minute of the fight Parsons really starts to pour it on. He switches back and forth between nasty elbows and repetitive submission attempts. Elder is somehow still able to survive but this fight was a clear win for Parsons making it easy on the judges. Parsons by unanimous decision.

Aori Qileng v. Cameron Else

This fight was extremely exciting but very short lived. Qileng is always known for being a high output and high action fighter. He draws Else as an opponent this time, who is known himself for having a large amount of first round finishes. The opening round begins and they immediately start throwing fire at each other. Both fighters land a couple of shots but eventually Qileng lands a body shot that immediately drops Else. Qileng follows him to the ground and starts raining down nonstop ground strikes. Referee Keith Peterson gives Else every possible chance to survive, almost to the point that it was hard to watch. Eventually the referee had finally seen enough and calls off the fight. A very impressive and violent performance for Qileng. Qileng by first round TKO.

Tyson Pedro v. Ike Villanueva

Pedro comes into this fight after being out of the UFC for over 3 years due to multiple knee surgeries. He faces a game Villanueva who is likely fighting for his job and is in desperate need of a win. In the first minute of the fight there’s almost zero offense which is somewhat understandable due to the previously stated circumstances. Once Pedro finally starts to strike he begins with a few leg kicks. As the minutes pass he starts to relax a little and begins mixing in punches as well. Pedro eventually rocks Villanueva and blitzes after him but accidentally lands a knee to the cup causing the fight to be paused. Villanueva takes a bit of time but recovers and the fight resumes. In the final seconds of the fight Pedro lands another devastating leg kick that drops Villanueva and leaves him sitting on the ground with his back against the cage. As Pedro closes in Villanueva seems to be solely concerned with Pedro landing another leg kick while he’s sitting on the ground. Unfortunately for him Pedro does not throw a leg kick but instead an uppercut punch right up the middle that nearly KO’s a sitting down and already injured Villanueva. The referee rushes in and stops the fight immediately within only a couple seconds left on the clock. An impressive comeback performance for Pedro after being gone for so long. Pedro by first round TKO.

Dwight Grant v. Sergey Khandozhko

Grant comes into this fight with intentions to bring more aggression after being frustrated with losing a couple of close decision fights. As the opening minute unfolds Grant is clearly following his plans and unloads some hard shots much sooner than he normally would. Grant starts finding success but out of nowhere Khandozhko lands a flush shot that wobbles Grant. Grant is able to recover and resumes back into the firefight. Towards the end of the round Grant lands a blistering flush shot to Khandozhko dropping him instantly. Grant follows him to the ground and tries to get the finish but time expires and we head into the next round. In the second round Grant lands another flush shot and once again drops his opponent. Khandozhko quickly hops back up to his feet and gets right back to pressing forward. As the remainder of the round unfolds Grant once again lands some flush shots as does Khandozhko. The intensity is really starting to heat up and just when the round is coming to an end Khandozhko lands another flush shot that drops Grant. He follows up with a few more shots that land flush and Grant is all kinds of wobbly trying to get back to his feet. The referee sees how much trouble Grant is in and rushes in to stop the fight. A very nice with for Khandozhko in a very exciting fight. Khandozhko by second round TKO.

Jordan Wright v. Marc-Andre Barriault

This fight was very short but exciting while it lasted. Wright comes out and starts throwing his usual blistering kicks. He starts with leg kicks and then throws one to the body as well. Barriault continued to stalk forward while Wright hopped around on the outside of the cage throwing his kicks. As Barriault finally starts closing the distance and cutting off Wright we see something new from Wright. He starts to implement wrestling. This is a new approach that we have not seen much of from Wright. Wright eventually completes the takedown but Barriault is able to work his way back to the feet with minimal damage. As the round progresses we see Wright attempting yet another takedown but this time Barriault clamps on to the neck. As Wright tries to squirm out he finds no luck and the choke only continues to get tighter. After a few more seconds Wright is left no choice but to tap out and submit. Barriault by first round submission.

Charles Jourdain v. Lando Vannata

This bout was yet another short fight. Vannata comes out looking extra crispy in the striking. He lands some beautiful flush strikes that clearly get the attention of Jourdain. As Jourdain continues to press forward he eats a hard kick and shortly after eats an even harder flush uppercut. Shortly after that Vannata lands a surprising takedown with authority. Jourdain finds his way back to the feet fairly quickly and the striking resumes on the feet. About halfway through the round Jourdain lands a flush punch that drops Vannata. As Vannata is on the ground Jourdain quickly hops down and snatches up the neck. Vannata tries to remain calm and squirm his way out. His urgency doesn’t seem to intense as the choke is only involving one of Jourdain’s arms. We later find out that this one armed choke is actually a preferred choke of Jourdain and as it gets tighter and tighter he eventually locks on the other hand. Within seconds Vanatta feels the extreme tightness and taps out immediately. A very impressive win for Jourdain against a very talented and dangerous Vannata. Jourdain by first round submission.

Maycee Barber v. Montana De La Rosa

The first round of this fight was a nice little chess match. De La Rosa comes out and immediately throws a four punch combo. Barber evades most of it and then counters with a hard leg kick. About a minute into the round Barber initiates a clinch and forces De La Rosa’s back up against the cage. From there Barber tries to get a takedown but De La Rosa demonstrates good defense. After that the two fighters continue fighting in the clinch and take turns reversing to force each other’s back against the cage. Barber later tries to pull De La Rosa to the canvas but accidentally ends up on bottom. Barber quickly gets back up though and the remainder of the round continues with the two fighters struggling back and forth in the clinch. In the second round both fighters continue to prefer the clinch fighting. They continue to jockey for position while holding body locks. Minute after minute they take turns reversing each other and taking turns with their backs against the cage. In the final round it’s more of the same. The main difference in this fight was Barber’s ability to land occasional strikes within the clinch while De La Rosa mainly only focused on fighting the positions. As the fight comes to a close it was clearly won by Barber as she was the the fighter who did a majority of the strike landing. Barber by unanimous decision.

Clay Guida v. Claudio Puelles

Well this fight ends up being yet another first round finish. The opening round begins and Guida stalks forward throwing punches and kicks. Puelles stays to the outside in his wide stance and stays patient looking to counter strike. Eventually Guida finds his opening and rushes in for his first takedown attempt. He completes the takedown but the minute the fighters hit the ground Puelles starts attacking submissions. The first submission attempt is a choke but Guida is able to defend. From there they start to scramble and Puelles gets Guida in a triangle. Guida stays calm but Puelles switches immediately from the triangle to the arm bar attack. The arm bar looks extremely tight and despite Guida’s arm bending in horrible ways, he is somehow able to survive. Unfortunately for Guida he let his guard time for a fraction of a second which was all it took for Puelles to immediately switch to a leg lock. He attacks the leg lock with lightning speed and within a matter of seconds Guida is tapping out and submitting with urgency. This makes three leg lock submissions for Puelles which is unprecedented. The speed of which he attacked this one was something to behold. Puelles by first round submission.

Amanda Lemos v. Jessica Andrade

It seems only appropriate that a night full of finishes would end with yet another first round finish in the main event. Lemos comes out looking poised and deadly as she starts attacking with sniper precision. She first starts working on the lead leg of Andrade with blistering kicks. She then starts throwing her laser precise and power punches. She hits Andrade with a few different variations of strikes and barely missing with the really big ones. A few of the strikes clearly get Andrade’s attention as her eyes go wide when some of them whiz past her head. One of the leg kicks from Lemos is so hard that it drops Andrade but she hops back up extremely fast. After sitting on the outside and getting chewed up Andrade has finally had enough. She blitzes in and forces Lemos back against the cage. Andrade grabs a body lock but quickly moves up with her grasp and locks in a head and arm choke. Lemos seems extremely caught off guard by this and does not know what to do. Lemos tries to squirm out but with each passing second Andrade is making adjustments and tightening the choke more and more. After about 20 seconds of this Lemos starts to go limp as the referee rushes in to call of the fight. Jessica Andrade lands the first standing head and arm choke submission in UFC history. What an accomplishment. Andrade by first round submission.

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