UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Daukaus Results and Play by Plays

Luis Saldana v. Bruno Souza

Round One: These fighters had the exciting opportunity to start the night off for an electric filled crowd in Columbus, Ohio. As the opening round begins the fighters come out and waste no time trading shots. Without a feeling out process, Souza starts kicking immediately while Saldana starts throwing punches. Throughout the round, it is Souza that is the aggressor who is constantly walking forward while Saldana bounces around the outside and looks to counter strike. Eventually, the forward aggression of Souza begins to backfire on him as Saldana starts timing his advances and is able to duck under and get takedowns at a couple different times. These takedowns may end up being enough of the difference to help him win him the round.

Round Two: In the second round Souza continues with his aggression and has the higher volume. Saldana is able to land another takedown but it is short lived and Souza works his way back to the feet fairly quickly. By the end of the round Souza has landed more strikes than Saldana by a considerable amount. Going into the final round it appears that the fight is tied at one round a piece.

Round Three: In the final round Saldana starts taunting Souza and challenging him to bring it on, once Souza starts falling into the pride trap, Saldana starts landings some of his best strikes of the fight. However, as the round progresses Saldana clearly is tiring and is showing significant signs of fatigue. The final minute each fighter is winded and trading. A very close final round in a very close fight but in the end, the judges felt that it was Saldana who had done just enough. Saldana by unanimous decision.

David Dvorak v. Matheus Nicolau

Round One: The first half of the opening round was all a feeling out process. Both fighters bounced around and basically just stared at each other while they tried to figure out each others rhythms. The crowd got restless very quickly and was beginning to boo within the first 45 seconds of no action. In the final 90 seconds of the round is when the fighters finally began to engage. Nicolau lands a good flush shot and slightly wobbles Dvorak. Shortly after, Dvorak attempts a grappling engagement but is shaken off by Nicolau. As the round comes to a close there was not too much action to speak of. Dvorak was the aggressor who was walking forward the entire time but it was Nicolau who landed the only real significant shot of the round. A tough round to score for the judges.

Round Two: In the first 30 seconds of the second round Dvorak lands a brutally hard leg kick that slightly drops Nicolau. As the round progresses the only real shots that are landing flush are when the fighters trade leg kicks. Punches are still thrown occasionally but for the most part they are evaded. In the final minute of the round Nicolau lands the best strike of the fight up to that point. A beautiful left hook lands flush and drops Dvorak violently. Nicolau chases him to the ground which may have been a mistake as Dvorak was rocked very badly and following him to the ground only allowed him time to recover. Dvorak survives to the end of the round but when he stands up to go to his corner he is bleeding a decent amount. A clear cut round in the favor of Nicolau.

Round Three: In the final round the crowd is fully engaged now as they have finally seen the violence they crave. Nicolau shows clear signs of a confidence boost after rocking Dvorak in the previous round. Nicolau is the one who presses forward now and is throwing punches in greater volume. He has moments of success but so does Dvorak. In the final minute Dvorak is able to end up on top and is the one in control landing ground strikes as the fight comes to an end. This is always a good visual for the judges but in the end it was not enough. Nicolau by unanimous decision.

Jennifer Maia v. Manon Fiorot

Fiorot comes into this fight with a lot of hype after having a few very impressive performances to start her UFC career. Maia is a big step up for Fiorot but many felt that if Fiorot could keep from being under Maia on the ground she could possibly coast on the feet.

Round One: In the opening round Fiorot does well with striking at range and utilizing her side kicks as she usually does. Fiorot is capitalizing on her height and reach advantage and is landing decent strikes from distance. Maia struggles a bit to get on the inside and land but in the final minute of the round Maia lands a very nice head kick that slightly wobbles Fiorot. Immediately after, Fiorot initiates a clinch and goes for a takedown which was clear evidence at how much she did not like the head kick. The takedown attempt is unsuccessful but Fiorot is able to survive the round and quite possibly still win the round due to heavier volume.

Round Two: Early in the second round Maia is finally able to get in tight and sink in a body lock. As Maia is attempting the takedown Fiorot is able to reverse it and land a beautiful hip toss to drop Maia to her back instead. After Fiorot lands a few ground strikes and Maia starts going for submission attempts Fiorot makes the wise decision to disengage and get back to her feet. After a few more exchanges on the feet Fiorot times another beautiful takedown by ducking under a forward pressing Maia. Maia is once again able to work her way back to the feet but this time she throws a head kick immediately upon standing and once again lands flush. The crowed erupts because the visual and impact is so clearly violent. Fiorot eats the kick though and continues to press on. Another entertaining round.

Round Three: In the final round Maia picks up her intensity and is able to get another body lock. She takes down Fiorot but within seconds Fiorot shows her immense strength and is able to stand right back up with Maia still having arms locked around her torso. The round ends with both fighters being able to evade most of the heavy strikes in the final minutes. An exciting fight for the hot prospect and although Fiorot had to survive a few very scary moments, she ends up out landing Maia by a considerable amount and does more than enough to pull off the win. Fiorot by unanimous decision.

Aliaskhab Khizriev v. Denis Tiuliulin

Khizriev comes into this fight to make his UFC debut after delivering a very impressive performance on Dana White’s Contender Series.

Round One: As expected, Khizriev starts the fight with a few hard strikes and then wastes no time in initiating the grappling and showing his dominance. Tiuliulin bides his time on bottom while eating a few hard ground strikes. Although Tiuliulin is stuffed in his first few attempts to get back up, he is patient and eventually is able to get back to his feet. This alone is a huge feat against a grappler with the caliber and strength of Khizriev. In the final minute of the round, Khizriev starts showing huge signs of fatigue and Tiuliulin is now starting to land strikes as the crowd erupts. The round will still be won by Khizriev but the second round may look very different with Khizriev already showing this much fatigue.

Round Two: In the second round Tiuliulin presses forward with aggression knowing that his opponent is now extremely winded. Khizriev is able to evade for the most part and eventually initiates a scramble in which he is able to complete the takedown and take the back of Tiuliulin. This was the beginning of the end. Within seconds Khizriev is able to lock in a rear naked choke and from this point there was no escaping. In a matter of seconds Tiuliulin is unconscious and the referee steps in to stop the fight. Khizriev by second round submission.

Batgerel Danaa v. Chris Gutierrez

Round One: In the first round of this fight we see Danaa pressing forward trying to land his big heavy strikes as he usually likes to do. Gutierrez is very evasive though and gives Danaa some problems with so much movement. Danaa does land occasional strikes that clearly effect Gutierrez but for a majority of the round Danaa has thrown far more strikes that missed than landed. This can not only be exhausting but very frustrating as well. However, in the final thirty seconds Danaa lands a takedown and is in top control where he lands many very hard strikes that appeared to be more than enough to win him a round that was very close previously.

Round Two: In the second round Gutierrez gets right back to work with his frustrating movement and chipping away at the lead leg of Danaa. As the round progresses the announcers make a remark about how Danaa is appearing to slow down a little from all the energy expended in the first round. Just as they’re discussing this Danaa enters into the pocket and gets caught flush with a devastating spinning back fist from Gutierrez. The shot drops Danaa immediately and Gutierrez chases in quickly to land follow up shots on an already very stunned Danaa. It only takes a few more hard shots for referee Herb Dean to step in and call off the fight. A very impressive win. Gutierrez by second round TKO.

Sara McMann v. Karol Rosa

Round One: Rosa comes into this fight expected to be the better striker. In the opening round she starts throwing strikes but it doesn’t take long for McMann to execute her first takedown and do what she does best. From there McMann is able to control the entire round in top control and virtually eliminate all offense of Rosa. This is the perfect start for McMann and appears to be going exactly in accordance with her game plan.

Round Two: In the second round Rosa is now very wary of the takedown attempts which results in her striking to not be nearly as effective. Rosa is able to evade the first takedown attempt but about 90 seconds into the round McMann shoots in and lands a very emphatic takedown. This time McMann is able to take the back and lock in a body triangle. From here McMann once again controls and is able to pepper shots from behind while threaten rear naked chokes. Although Rosa is able to avoid most of the damage she is once again neutralized and has now had virtually zero offense through the entire first 9 minutes of the fight. In the final minute Rosa is able to reverse but McMann keeps ahold of one arm and threatens the armbar. Due to this, Rosa is still not able to unleash a single punch although she was technically now in top control. Another clear cut round for McMann.

Round Three: Going into the final round Rosa now needs a finish. She comes out like a hurricane and blitzes with intense aggression. She lands one good strike but once again is taken down by McMann. She spends the next two minutes trying to escape the grasp of McMann. When Rosa finally does escape she flips McMann to her back and then tries to rain down crazy hard strikes while McMann is still on her back. McMann eats a lot of hard strikes and the final two minutes of the fight prove to be the most exciting. Although Rosa is dominated most of the fight she definitely did not go quietly at the end. She tries her best to unleash and pull off the hail mary finish. McMann survives though and does more than enough to secure the win. McMann by unanimous decision.

Marc Diakiese v. Viacheslav Borshchev

Round One: Although Diakiese is one of the better strikers in the division, he attempts a takedown within the first 15 seconds of the opening round. Borshchev is able to defend nicely but Diakiese does not give up and continues to muscle his way through it for the next minute and a half. When he finally does complete the takedown he does not land too much damage afterwards. However, Diakiese controls the next few minutes with his surprising wrestling approach that clearly catches Borshchev off guard. This will be enough to win him the round.

Round Two: In the opening minute of the second round Borshchev is clearly fatigued from the wrestling in the previous round. However, he is able to land a crushing calf kick that is extremely hard and can be something that pays dividends later. Unfortunately for Borshchev, he is quickly taken down again afterwards where he is once again controlled. Although Borshchev tries to wiggle and fight his way out of the grappling, he is once again controlled for a majority of the round and now will be that much more tired. Just like Rosa in the previous fight, he enters the third round with having virtually zero offense in his favor after two full rounds. He too will now need a finish.

Round Three: In the final round Diakiese completes his next takedown about 40 seconds into the round. As the round progresses, Borshchev continues to try to get back to his feet but each time he does he’s immediately taken back down again. Diakiese goes through the entire fight with a rinse and repeat grappling approach. This approach is something we have never seen by Diakiese. The only person more surprised than the spectators was probably Borshchev. He was completely shut down and neutralized the entire fight. This is not only frustrating but now has highlighted a very clear gaping hole in his game. He will have much work to do in the gym moving forward. A beautiful win for Diakiese and although it was not the most fan friendly approach, it was a brilliant game plan to ensure a win in the path of least resistance. Diakiese by unanimous decision.

Neil Magny v. Max Griffin

Round One: In the first round of this fight Magny appears to be caught off guard by the speed and power of Griffin. On more than one occasion Griffin lands flush and clearly hurts Magny. At one point Magny is dropped and Griffin chases after to try and land more strikes while Magny is grounded. Although Magny survives and eventually gets back to his feet, he is not able to get his slow moving avalanche style going which is usually what wears his opponents down and eventually overwhelms them. By the end of the round, it is more or less all Griffin. A clear cut round for Griffin.

Round Two: In the second round Griffin is still faster and more powerful than Magny. He lands another flush shot which once again hurts Magny. However, in the final two minutes of the round Magny finally starts finding success. He starts landing consecutive shots and throwing flurries which start building momentum. When Magny builds momentum and is moving downhill, these are always the fights that end up going his way. A much closer round this time and as the round comes to an end it appears that Magny is now the fighter with the momentum.

Round Three: In the final round Griffin is finally showing signs of fatigue which clearly results in slower movement and less power. This is the perfect scenario for Neil Magny’s game. Magny begins moving forward and trying to back Griffin up against the cage where Magny then starts throwing flurries and goes for body locks. Magny lands his first takedown of the fight about 90 seconds into the third round. Shortly after Magny is now on the back of Griffin while throwing shots from behind. Griffin tries to defend but his face and body language show signs of a clearly fatigued fighter. Magny presses on with more and more aggression while making Griffin carry his weight. Griffin squirms and tries to escape but Magny just continues to rain down shots. By the end of the third round it is the most dominant round of the fight and it is clearly won by Magny. An extremely close fight and very exciting as well. In the end, the judges thought that it was Magny that had done just enough to get the very impressive comeback and steal the win. Magny by split decision.

Askar Askarov v. Kai Kara-France

Round One: In the first minute of the opening round Askarov keeps his distance and stays calm as Kara-France tries to chip away with jabs. Eventually Askarov finally attempts his first takedown. Kara-France is able to fight it off for a decent amount of time but the relentless attempt of Askarov finally wins out. Once on the ground Askarov works his way to the back of Kara-France and has a very tight body triangle to keep control. From there Askarov throws shots from behind and threatens with rear naked chokes. In the final couple minutes Kara-France stands up with Askarov still attached to his back. He carries the weight of Askrarov for the entire remainder of the round while having to fight off rear naked choke attempts and punches from behind. A very clear cut winning round for Askarov.

Round Two: In the second round the tide starts to turn. Kara-France comes out with much more aggression. As Askarov continues to try and force the wrestling Kara-France starts to stuff the takedowns. This forces Askarov into a striking battle which is where Kara-France starts to find huge success. He rocks Askarov on several occasions and the crowd erupts. Askarov, while rocked, starts shooting for wild takedowns that are stuffed more and more easily. He continues to land on Askarov and the crowd gets more and more loud. As the round comes to an end it is a much better round for Kara-France and he clearly wins the round. This makes the fight tied going into the third.

Round Three: The final round is the most competitive of the fight. Both fighters have their moments and the momentum trades back and forth in the favor of each fighter. Kara-France starts off aggressive again but Askarov is able to once again initiate a clinch to slow the progress. He then threatens a takedown and slightly completes it but Kara-France is back up quickly. Askarov lands some strikes while in the clinch but when separated Kara-France starts landing punches again. Askarov changes the tide when he starts walking Kara-France down again. The image of Askarov being the aggressor is not a good image for the judges when the fight is on the line. Kara-France appears to realize this and starts walking down Askarov instead. As the final minute unfolds both fighters trade shots and the crowd is now louder than it’s been all night. The fight goes the distance and was not only exciting but was extremely competitive. In the end, the judges felt that it was Kara-France who had done just enough to win the fight. This makes him the first man to ever defeat Askarov and devastatingly puts an end to his undefeated streak. Kara-France by split decision.

Matt Brown v. Bryan Barbarena

Round One: To start this fight the crowd is already extremely loud as Matt Brown is an Ohio native, making him the crowd favorite of the night. The fighters meet in the middle and Barbarena throws leg kicks fairly quickly to start the round. Brown keeps at distance and counter attacks. He eventually pushes Barbarena against the cage and is able to close in and land a nice takedown. The crowd erupts in support of their local hero. Barbarena is able to work his way back up fairly quickly but when he does Brown then lands a hard body kick. Barbarena then starts throwing hooks and lands one pretty nicely. The fighters work their way back to the middle and begin trading again. Each fighter has their moments throughout the round but towards the very end Barbarena lands a nice lead elbow that opens a cut on the face of Brown. A nice way to end the round but this will still be a tough one to score for the judges.

Round Two: In the second round the fighters continue right back into the trading shots approach. After about a minute Brown is able to land another takedown which causes the crowd to erupt again. Barbarena works his way back to his feet after about 30 seconds but Brown keeps him backed up alongside the cage where he continues his aggression. For the most part, it is Brown who continues to march forward and be the aggressor. In the final two minutes Barbarena lands a very hard elbow that clearly hurts Brown. For the remainder of the round it appears the Brown is still trying to recover from that elbow. As the round ends both fighters are clearly fatigued but it is Brown who is showing more signs of damage on the face.

Round Three: As round three begins it appears that Barbarena is the much fresher fighter. However, it is still Brown who is the aggressor as he continues to march forward and apply all the pressure. Brown eventually gets another takedown which sends the crowd into an uproar. Barbarena takes a hard shot while on the ground but gets back up. He then lands his own hard shot. Brown gets yet another takedown and the crowd is just getting louder by the second. Barbarena works his way back up and the final two minutes that follow are the wildest minutes of the night. Barbarena hurts Brown, then Brown hurts Barbarena, then this happens back and forth over and over again. It is no exaggeration to say that each fighter was hurt four or five times each in the final two minutes of this fight. The crowd was almost deafening as both fighters stand wobbled and continue to trade like robots. One of the best final rounds we have seen all year and the crowd was absolutely electric as they rooted on their guy. Unfortunately for the crowd, the judges thought Barbarena had done just barely enough to edge it out. What an absolutely incredible fight. Barbarena by split decision.

Joanne Wood v. Alexa Grasso

Round One: This fight was short lived. Within the first few exchanges Wood attempts a spinning elbow but Grasso evades and is able to grab onto a body lock and secure a takedown. It doesn’t take long before Grasso is able to take the back of Wood and start threatening rear naked chokes. Wood is able to fight them off for a bit but after a few strikes from behind to distract her, Grasso is able to sneak an arm under the chin. Once Grasso is able to lock the hands Wood tries desperately to pry them apart but she has no luck. After a few seconds of a tight squeeze she is left no choice but to tap out. A heartbreaking loss for Wood making that 4 losses out of her last 5 fights. An absolutely huge win for Grasso though which will help propel her even further as she continues on her descent. Grasso by first round submission.

Curtis Blaydes v. Chris Daukaus

Round One: This fight was a good fight to end the night with a bang. In the opening round the fighters stood across from each other and decided to trade. Most thought Blaydes would shoot for takedowns almost immediately but instead he chose to keep it standing and trade. Daukaus lands the first good strike of the fight which lands very flush on the face of Blaydes but he eats it with seemingly no problems. Shortly after, Blaydes lands a flush shot of his own but this strike appears to effect Daukaus a little more. The round continues to progress with each fighter having their moments but it appears to be Blaydes who is landing the better shots and hurting Daukaus a little more. A good competitive round but the round appeared to go to Blaydes.

Round Two: In the second round Blaydes once again chooses to just keep it standing and trade. The fighters only have a chance to throw a couple of shots before Blaydes lands a devastating straight right that drops Daukaus instantly. The sound of the shot was horrific. Blaydes follows him to the ground and lands a few more hard strikes to an already very injured Daukaus. It only took a couple more shots before referee Herb Dean had seen enough and stops the fight. A very impressive win for Blaydes who clearly wanted to make a statement. It was the first UFC win in Blaydes’ career where he never attempted a single takedown. Blaydes by second round TKO.

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