UFC Vegas 39 Results and Play by Play

Charlie Ontiveros v. Steve Garcia

Ontiveros comes out in round 1 throwing intensely hard shots, including a couple of lightning fast axe kicks. The range and power of Ontiveros was very noticeable. After rocking Garcia and having him stumbled Garcia eventually recovered and begins completing takedowns and initiating his wrestling dominance. By the end of round 1 Ontiveros is bleeding pretty profusely. Round 2 starts off the same with Ontiveros stumbling Garcia again before he’s able to land the takedown. Once securing the takedown, Garcia begins extremely violent ground and pound and is continuing to add to the blood all over the face and in the hair of Ontiveros. After continued violence from top control the referee begins to start yelling his warnings, prompting Garcia to increase the intensity. After not enough defense from Ontiveros the referee is left no choice but to step in and stop the fight. Garcia by round round two TKO.

Lupita Godinez v. Silvana Gomez Juarez

Juarez makes her UFC debut in this fight. Unfortunately for her, Godinez comes out extremely motivated and highly precise. She begins throwing lightning fast and accurate punches at Juarez which then opens up the easy takedown. After eventually taking the back, throwing ground strikes and throwing up several different submission attempts, Godinez eventually locks in the arm bar. Juarez is forced to tap after getting dominated and not really having much go her way in her debut. Godinez by round 1 submission.

Charles Rosa v. Damon Jackson

Jackson comes out and initiates the clinch immediately. From there, he holds Rosa against the cage for the first minute. Once they separate, they begin trading shots with each having their moments. Towards the end of the round, Jackson finally completes a takedown which is probably enough to win him the round. Round two it is Rosa who lands the early takedown but after some quick scrambling Jackson is able to reverse and take the back of Rosa. From there Jackson begins to dominate and eventually locks in a body triangle which later causes some very close moments forcing the ref to step in and start issuing warnings. Rosa hangs tough and survives. Round 3 is one of the bloodiest rounds we’ve ever seen in the UFC, and that’s really saying something. Rosa does a spinning “Yair Rodriguez” type elbow and cuts Jackson open extremely bad. From there the blood is absolutely pouring out of Jackson at an absolutely insane rate. The referee is even forced to step in at one point to examine the cut. It is decided that the fighters are able to continue fighting but the entire round is continued grappling with blood continuing to spill all over the Octagon. By the end of the fight, both fighters are drenched in blood as is their shorts and the entire floor of the Octagon. In the end, Jackson does just enough to get the win. Jackson by unanimous decision.

Alexander Romanov v. Jared Vanderaa

The opening round of this fight went as expected. Romanov comes out and lands a takedown and is using his relentless pressure. Fortunately for Vanderaa he is one of the few to ever survive underneath the great and powerful Romanov. Round two is more of Romanov in top control after landing a takedown quickly 30 seconds into the round. From there he continues his highly powerful and violent ground and pound. Vanderaa does his best to survive and makes it close to the end of the round but Romanov is just too much. The referee is forced to step in and stop the fight. Romanov by round 2 TKO.

Chris Gutierrez v. Felipe Colares

This fight was a striking battle with two very technical strikers who had no shortness in toughness. Going into this fight it was the leg kicks of Gutierrez which were expected to play a big part. In round one Gutierrez immediately began throwing those leg kicks as well as body kicks and head kicks. Colares offered plenty of resistance but Gutierrez did enough to win the round. Round 2 plenty of more striking exchanges with Gutierrez continuing to land more frequently and with the more significant shots. In round 3 Gutierrez continued his dominance and by the end of the fight he had landed more than double the amount of strikes that Colares had landed. Gutierrez by unanimous decision.

Mariya Agapova v. Sabina Mazo

This fight was a chance for Agapova to get back on track after having her momentum stumped in her last fight due to completely running out of gas. Agapova comes out in round one and was throwing the far more aggressive and powerful shots. She hits Mazo with some very good strikes while Mazo also threw back but with far less intensity. Round 2 Agapova lands more heavy shots and more frequently while her cardio seemed to be holding up much better this time out. In round 3 she rocks Agapova early and drops her. Agapova quickly jumps on her back and is able to lock in a rear naked choke forcing the quick tap out. Agapova by round 3 submission.

Tim Elliott v. Matheus Nicolau

Tim Elliott came out in round one and showed an abundance of confidence as he marched forward with no respect for Nicolau’s returning strikes. Elliott was looking very good and seemed to be getting the better of the striking early on. However, in round 2 and as the fight progressed, Nicolau began to find his timing and get his striking rhythm going much better. After the first 2 rounds it appeared that the fight was tied going into the 3rd round. After a closely contested third round, Nicolau had done just enough to squeak by with the win. Nicolau by unanimous decision.

Randy Brown v. Jared Gooden

This bout was a fairly evenly matched affair in terms of technical ability but Brown with the reach advantage was able to pull away over time. In round 1 however, Brown lands a kick and breaks his big toe on his right foot. Although he was then faced with a much stiffer challenge for the rest of the fight, he was able to tough it out and press on. He could even be seen stepping on that toe several times with his opposite foot in order to pop the broken toe back in place. Gooden fought a good fight and tried his best but it was clear cut that Brown was getting the better of the striking and more or less coasted to a victory even with a broken toe. Brown by unanimous decision.

Marina Rodriguez v. Mackenzie Dern

This fight was a nail biter as is any fight that ever features a Jiu Jitsu wizard of Dern’s caliber. In round 1 both fighters exchanged strikes and it appeared that Rodriguez had done enough to win the round. In round 2 however, Dern lands a takedown with 4 minutes remaining in the round. What ensued after that was an extremely intense grappling ballet of Dern throwng up submission attempt after submission attempt and Rodriguez doing just enough to scrape by and survive. After 4 minutes of being twisted and tangled she somehow barely escapes the round with her survival. Round 3 Rodriguez changed up her footwork and seemed 100% focused on never going to the ground again. Anytime she found her back near the cage she would quickly circle off before Dern could close the distance and initiate a clinch. Rodriguez did all this while landing good strikes and keeping a safe distance which earned her the round in clear cut fashion. Round 4 was more of the same but in this round Dern was actually able to get a takedown. Unfortunately for her, the takedown was too late in the round for it to cause any real danger or be enough to steal her the round. Round 5 Dern knew it was probably a finish that she would need so she pursued with more intensity. In the end however, Rodriguez did enough to constantly evade grappling exchanges and punish Dern all along the way with strikes. She had done enough to win a majority of the rounds. Rodriguez by unanimous decision.

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