UFC Bantamweight Calls For Fight With Veteran Dominick Cruz

Sean O’Malley has officially announced who he would like to fight next. Coming off his bounce back KO of Thomas Almeida, O’Malley is looking at a step up in both competition and in the rankings. 

O’Malley (13-1), posted a video on his Youtube channel titled “Suga Calls Out Who?” In which he lays out why Dominick Cruz should fight him. 

“Sup Dom, heard you’re looking for a big fight? Who’s a bigger fight than me right now?” O’Malley asked while dribbling a basketball. 

As O’Malley goes through the perspective bantamweight contenders, he explains why Cruz can’t or shouldn’t fight them. Then, he asks again, “Who’s a bigger fight?”

A potential matchup between O’Malley and Cruz became a talking point after Chael Sonnen said he had received a text from Cruz saying he wanted to fight O’Malley. 

Cruz (23-3), didn’t rule out the fight completely, however he did tell ESPN’s Ariel Helwani that Sonnen “made this story up 100%.”

Now that the call out is official, we will have to wait and see Cruz’s response and whether or not the UFC is on board with this perspective matchup.

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