UFC 259 Full Card Preview Special! Sparring Partners MMA Podcast

Also available on Anchor.fm and Spotify!

Your hosts, Coby McKinley and Brad Jones are at it again! This week is different, and it ain’t no normal episode. This is all UFC 259 all the time! The guys take a look at UFC 259: Blachowicz vs. Adesanya from top to bottom and try to predict the winners and losers of Saturday’s fights.

Three title fights, and an undercard and preliminary card that is so chalk-full of name value, they could be a UFC Fight Night on their own. So, check out the Sparring Partners’ UFC 259 breakdown and get ready for tonight’s fights.

If you’d like to keep up with me outside of the predictions, you can catch me on the Sparring Partners Podcast, either on YouTube or Spotify.

Enjoy, and feel free to reach out to the show in the comments below!

Categories: Editorials, UFC

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