Today marks the second week of Dana White’s Contender Series 2020. A lot of great fighters came to prove they have what it takes to make it in the UFC Octagon.

Join Film Fight Freaks as we take a look at week 2 of the Dana White’s Contender Series. Who won? Who got contracts?

And always, how did I do with this weeks predictions?

Let’s get into it!

Anthony Adams v. Impa Kasangany

First up to bat, two athletes return to the Dana White Contender Series cage!

Round 1.

The two fighter touch gloves to get things started.

Impa throws an overhand and A low blow from Adams halts the action.

Back underway. Impa is canstantly moving.

both fighters collide in the clinch and Adams pushes impa into the gace. Good strikes exchanged on the break.

Adams is throwing a variety of kicks, mixing head and leg-kicks which are getting a reaction from Impa.

Impa keeps coming in with a powerful overhand right, but keeps missing.

Adams is constantly picking away with leg-kicks to impa’s lead leg.

Both fighters exhcange in the center. Adams seems to be winning with Volume. He lands a big left-hook.

Adams is really having his way so far in this fight, winning in the striking and clinch.

Adams is looking for a double against the cage, but Impa defends only to be stung in the clinch.

Adams seems to be steps ahead in all exchanges.

Big shot from Impa to end the round.

This round definately belongs to Adams. He landed so many leg-kicks, that will take its toll.

Round 2.

Both fighters meet in the middle and impa throws three leg kicks in 15 seconds.

Adams is utilizing superior footwork, but gets tagged with a four-piece.

Impa came out really aggressive, but Adams is coming back.

Both fighters throw, but nothing lands clean.

Impa gets hit with another leg-kick.

Adams is being really elusive here and lands a massive knee to the midsection of Impa.

Adams motions like he got poked, but the ref says its clean and Impa rushes in to capitalize.

A little showboating from Adams gets answered by a combination from Impa.

Huge, well-timed double-leg from Impa launches Adams to the floor.

Adams scoots to the cage in a effort to get up, but he gives up his back in the process. Good knees to the body of Adams from Impa.

That was a close round. I think Impa edged it out with the takedown. Close, close fight thus far.

Round 3.

Adams looks a bit tired and Impa is showing good energy.

Huge front kick from Impa elicits an takedown attempt from Adams that is stuffed with a guillotine attempt.

Another takedown from Impa results in him having the back of Adams yet again. Impa peppers knees to the ribs.

One hook in for Impa and he is pounding on the head of Adams. This is a good ride for Impa. Adams is having a tough time here.

Controlling the wrist, Impa continues to pound on Adams who can just cover up.

Adams is taking some big shots. One way traffic from Impa and he is now landing jumping knees to the ribs of Adams.

Adams reverses the position after an ill-advised crusifix attempt from Impa.

Both men grapple against the fence and a low blow (knee) from Impa halts the action.

A little gamesmanship here from Adams. He is taking his sweet time, which he should. He was tired to begin with, so it’s smart of him to take time to recover as much as possible here for a possible last hurrah.

The action continues.

Impa is pressing forward and again takes the back of Adams against the cage.

The fight comes to a close with a few final strikes from Impa.

Fight Overall: Impa Kasangany showed his ability to work his way back into a fight. Adams was a great test for him, but I’m not sure that performance will net him a contract. If the universe is just, Impa will get the decision.

Result: Impa Kasangany def. Anthony Adams via Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

T.J. Laramie v. Daniel Swain

Two featherweights with a combined 43 fights are up next!

Round 1.

Both fighters meet in the middle and clash in an exchange.

Laramie clinches Swain against the cage. Laramie backs off and starts striking.

A takedown from Laramie. Swain momentarily threatens a leg-lock to no avail.

Swain is attacking from the bottom and this armbar is super close. Swain is nonstop attacking from the bottom and had Laramie in several troublesome spots.

Great defense from Laramie. A lesser fighter would have for sure gotten caught there.

Laramie is selectively striking the head of Swain, but staying cautious.

Laramie passes to half-guard and continues to pound with small punches and elbows before Swain recovers guard.

Laramie is smashing here and staying safe. Another pass to half-guard and threatens a choke from the top that is quickly let go.

Laramie goes back to controlling and smashing. Hard ground and pound to end the round!

Swain is panicking in his corner and looks to be in pain. The commentators are saying that his rib has popped. He is injured and says he can’t breathe. That really sucks for Swain.

Fight Overall: It’s a shame that this fight ended this way and I hope Swain is okay. He looks to be in really bad shape sitting in his corner. That said, it looked like a classic Laramie fight. Top pressure, submission defense, and relentless ground and pound.

Result: T.J. Laramie def. Daniel Swain via Doctor’s Stoppage 5:00 Rd 1.

Vanessa Demopolous v. Cory McKenna

I’m really excited for this one. Either fighter could win this one, and I feel that either could succeed in the UFC.

Round 1.

no glove touch to starting things off and start trading quick.

Nice right hand from Demopolous.

Demopolous falls and McKenna takes advantage. This is the ideal spot for McKenna.

Theres a battle to free the right-leg of Demopolous and McKenna is working to pass to side control.

She does not and Demopolous recovers guard. Big elbow from McKenna!

McKenna is continuing to strike with well-placed elbows.

Demopolous is trying to threaten with the rubber guard, but McKenna cuts through over.

This is a strange position for Demopolous, but it looks uncomfortable for the neck of McKenna.

McKenna avoids it and momentarily threatens with an arm-triangle.

The round ends with McKenna bombing on Demopolous!

I think that was McKenna’s round.

Round 2.

Nice exchange to start things off and both women connect!

Both athletes are finding success on the feet.

Takedown from McKenna and she lets Demopolous back up.

A few good exchanges result in Demoplous yet again falling to the mat.

McKenna gets on top and Demopolous recovers guard.

Demopolous is controlling with the rubber-guard and is trying to set up a triangle.

McKenna is really pressuring to aleiviate the choke.

Demopolous locks the tringle, but it’s a little loose and McKenna starts to pass, fighting off an armbar attempt.

McKenna takes the back and Demopolous is really fighting the second hook of her opponent.

McKenna locks up a triangle to end the round.

Another round for McKenna. She is really impressing me here. I thought Demopolous was going to be able to use her athleticism, but the technical ability of McKenna is shining through.

Round 3.

Desperation time for Demopolous.

A jab from McKenna. Demopolous slips again.

A cartwheel kick from Demopolous.

Big head kick from McKenna lands flush!

Another head-kick! Both women clinch against the fence.

McKenna is really showing out here on the feet.

Demopolous tries a takedown and ends up in bottom side control.

McKenna is pounding away as Demopolous struggles to recover position.

Big strikes from half-guard from McKenna!

Demopolous recovers guard is immediately threatening with submissions.

She’s locked on an armbar! McKenna looks relaxed and is stacking, not allowing the extension for the lock.

This is tight! McKenna escapes!

They rise to their feet and McKenna is going after Demopolous. Demopolous answers back and these women are swinging!

Fight Overall: Color me impressed! That is totally not the way I invisioned this fight going. McKenna nullified the athleticism that Demopolous brought to the table through technical prowess. That said, Demopolous was in this fight. She was always hunting for the submission. McKenna has improved so much since the last footage I saw of her at Cage Warriors.

Result: Cory McKenna def. Vanessa Demopolous via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Adrian Yanez v. Brady Huang

Co-headliner! I expect a finish in this one between two bantamweights.

Round 1.

Nice leg-kick from Huang.

Huang fights hard for a clinch, but Yanez escapes.

A nice counter right-straight followed by a left hook from Yanez momentarily shuts Huang off! Huang drops for a second, but rises back up.

Yanez swarms and drops Huang again!

Referee Jason Herzog waves off the contest.

Fight Overall: Great showing for Yanez. I expected him to take home a knockout, and that’s what he did. He’s got a contract in the bag.

Result: Adrian Yanez def. Brady Huang via KO Rd. 1

Joseph Pyfer v. Dustin Stoltzfus

Round 1.

Pyfer takes the center and aviods a leg-kick.

Pyfer is noticably bigger on fight day.

The fighters trade heavy leg-kicks.

Nice jab-cross from Pyfer. Pyfer is backing Stoltzfus to the cage, controlling the center.

Stoltzfus looks so measured and he keeps firing off hard calf-kicks.

Pyfer is throwing really hard combinations as Stoltzfus continues to pepper the lead leg.

Nice long jabs from Pyfer and he shoots, lifting Stoltzfus off the ground.

Stolzfus briefly threatens with a guillotine, but it is used to recover guard and let go.

Pyfer is being stifled by the active bottom game of Stolzfus.

Stoltzfus uses a leg-lock attempt to get back to his feet. He lifts Pyfer and slams his opponent to the mat.

Uh-oh, Pyfer’s elbow looks seriously mangled. It’s dislocated and the fight is over.

Fight Overall: It played out as expected until it didn’t. Terrible for Pyfer, but Stolzfus looked good. He survived the pressure from Pyfer and saw the fight through.

Result: Dustin Stolzfus def. Joeseph Pyfer via TKO due to Injury Rd. 1.

Who Won?

Impa Kasangany – Unanimous Decision

T.J. Laramie – Doctor Stoppage, Rd 1

Cory McKenna – Unanimous Decision

Adrian Yanez – TKO, Rd 1

Dustin Stoltzfus – TKO (Injury), Rd 1

Who Got a Contract?

Dana White has his work cut out for him this week. I’m not sure who will get a contract. All great prospects here.

The first contract awarded is for Impa Kasangany and he already has a fight booked. The second contract is awarded to T.J. Laramie. The third contract is for Cory McKenna, but just barely! The fourth is a no-brainer, Adrian Yanez gets a contract. A clean sweep for these athletes! Dustin Stoltzfus is also awarded a contract.

Only the second time ever, every winner has been awarded a UFC contract.

Prediction Score

Tonight’s fights take us to 6-3 overall on our predictions for Dana White’s Contender Series. Still not bad, but lets see if we can do better next week!

Congrats to everyone who won, and respect to everyone who competed.

See you guys for week 3!

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