Late Replacement! Justin Jaynes steps in for Matt Frevola!

Tragedy struck Matt Frevola earlier today, when one of his cornermen was diagnosed with COVID-19 and he was wiped from the card this Saturday.

He was scheduled to match up with Lightweight bruiser, Frank Camacho (22-8, 2-4 UFC), a high-intensity striker with 20 of his 30 total professional fights ending by knockout.

Frevola will be replaced by Octagon newcomer Justin Jaynes (15-4) coming out of the WXC promotion. Jaynes says that his foundation style is ‘Jedi Master’, which basically means he’s a super hard hitter. At 5’7, Jaynes is a somewhat smaller Lightweight, but makes up with it in his power and aggression.

We should be in for an absolute firefight here and I think we could end up with one of the greatest one round wars ever based on their styles, but I don’t think it’s lasting long!

Check out both the main card predictions, and the prelims ones here as well!


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